Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear Eyewear - Review!

Check out the new Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear Eyewear!

The Vision Gear Eyewear comes in 3 colors (Black, Orange & White) with grey tinted lenses. This new design sports a larger one-piece wraparound lens area for better vision, along with ventilation slots on the sides.

It is packaged in a reusable box which can double up as a handy storage case for the eyewear too.

Available at most major dept stores in Singapore.
Retail Price: SGD$9.90.


Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear Eyewear - Box

Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear Eyewear - Un-boxed

Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear Eyewear - Side Frame Detail

Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear Eyewear - Comparison with Starter Pack Eyewear


 Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear Eyewear at


  1. whats that grey thing in the second pic?

  2. AD MAN,

    That's the square plastic cap from the box.

    It can be re-capped, so the box can be used as a storage case for the eyewear.

  3. $100 Singapore dollars for a pair of pistols!?! Aren't NFs around $20?

  4. do you absoloutly have to have vision gear for nerf games i usually use sun glasses.

  5. Hey SG Nerf..
    Where do you buy the Vision Gear??
    I can't find it..

  6. Nerf IsReallycool,

    They are usually stocked alongside the new 2011 Nerf Dart Tag blasters. Just shop around to find them.

  7. What is the difference between this vision gear than the 2008 vision gear besides the color and design ??

    1. BudhiBoom,

      The new Vision Gear is also abit larger, so it now fits adults too. :D