Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Singapore Nerf Dart Tag Tournament 2011 - Official Video Coverage!


Hasbro NERF Dart Tag Tournament 2011 held in Singapore from 10-12 June 2011.

Event Coverage by the Big 3 Productions.

Event Website:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Singapore Nerf Dart Tag Tournament 2011 - Event Overview!

The official Singapore Nerf Dart Tag Tournament 2011 is now on from the 10th - 12th June 2011 at D'Tent Downtown East in Singapore!

Here are some photos from the event:

Event location...

Test fire area for visitors to try out the various new blasters.

Waiting area for the tournament players.

Tournament gameplay rules board.

Tournament arena and spectator area.

Big screen displaying the various Nerf commercials and event footage.

Tournament obstacles and targets.

Team start and flag zones.

Tournament scoreboard.

Nerf N-Strike, Super Soaker and Dart Tag blaster display.

Nerf Vortex blaster promo stands.

Tournament Gameplay Excerpt Video:

Yeah... lots of funky tactics with local flavor in this video, the "crab walk", the "jiggle", the "shuffle" and the shot deflecting "satay" fanning action! :)

- Update! -

More Tournament Gameplay Excerpt Videos:
(From NerfSG Forum)