Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Official Nerf Dart Tag Singapore National Tournament 2011!


Join in this high-action official Nerf tournament as you strategize, shoot and score in the battlefield for the victorious title of Nerf Champion Team in Singapore and walk away with great prizes!

For tournament information and registration, log on to:

There will also be a Nerf Shooting Area for enthusiasts to experience the newly launched range of blasters - Dart Tag and Super Soaker, including the N-Strike Barricade!

So start registering your teams now!


  1. Hi SG Nerf! May I know where I can buy a "nerf n strike mission kit pinpoint sight"? I saw it on the reviews of the Nerf guns you did and I think it looks really awesome and I wanted to buy one myself. :) Thanks!:)
    *P.S- sorry for being off topic.

  2. Keven Chew,

    I got my Nerf Pinpoint Sight sets from dept stores across the causeway in Johor Bahru, M'sia... but that was way back in 2009.

    They seem to be sold out everywhere nowadays, so you'll have to really shop around to find them. Alternatively, you could try getting them from online sites like Amazon or eBay, but prices tend to be high due to their rarity.

  3. Ok, thanks for the info. :) I have been shopping arounnd for a Nerf Barrel Break IX2 at Toys R Us outlets at Forum, Paragon, Vivo City and I realised that its out of stock. I think its getting hard to find. Could you let me know if you see a Barrel Break IX2 at any Toys R Us outlets so I could get 1 for myself? Thanks! :)

  4. Keven Chew,

    Just check with the store staff when they will be re-stocking or check at the "Nerf Stock" section of the NerfSG forum, local Nerf enthusiasts usually post there if they happen to spot new stuff at dept stores.

  5. Hey SGNerf, I got a question about the Dart Tag Tournament. Do you register the whole team, or just you for your team? please answer! thanks.

  6. ABiSAlShYN0bi,

    As indicated on the tournament registration page, all the members in the team have to be registered:


    Please read though all the rules and regulations on the site properly.

  7. hi SGNerf, can non-resident of singapore join the tournament? thanks :):)

  8. geryn172,

    As indicated in the offical Tournament registration page:

    "You will need to be a Singapore citizen or a PR resident aged 8 – 55 years old to be able to participate in the NERF DART TAG National Tournament 2011."

    Read the details here: http://www.nerf2011.com.sg/nerf2011/register.asp

  9. Hi sgnerf,
    Are you joining the tournament? If you are going can you tell us the time and date. My team and i had just register for it and this is our first time going. we hope to see you there!!! :) By the way, our group name is Pro Series.

  10. KRNBOY323,

    Maybe, it depends on my schedule, though i'll be there at various times to do some photo and video coverage of the tournament event. :)

  11. What will the prize be for winning?

  12. joelwilliam99,

    Haven't you even looked at the front page of the official Nerf Tournament website?


    All the prize details are already clearly listed there.

  13. SG Nerf,

    Can a team have 4 members?

  14. zaidan_k,

    As stated clearly in the official Nerf Tournament website: "Each team must have 3 members". :)

    Your 4th team member could just be a reserve member though, in case any of the main team members somehow cannot play, can switch players.

  15. Hey! Just a qeustion can u bring ur own shoulder stock if the gun provided is quick 16???

  16. ilyas,

    As mentioned in the official Tournament rules and regulations, you can only use the Nerf blasters and equipment supplied by Hasbro.

    You are not allowed to use your own equipment or blaster attachments in this Tournament.

  17. Do they have big bad bow in Singapore?

  18. Alif,

    To my current knowledge, Nerf Big Bad Bows are sold out at local stores.

  19. do they have the sonic stampede yet in Singapore?

  20. Alif,

    Nope, the "Sonic Series Stampede" is not a confirmed production model (no news of that), at this point in time its just a sample concept box art shown online by a design studio.

  21. Why Penang, Malaysia don't have this? Can the organizers of this Nerf SG contact me and we can have one Nerf Malaysia?

  22. Lim Yimei,

    This official Nerf tournament is organized by Hasbro Singapore.

    I guess you could check with Hasbro Malaysia directly to find out if they have plans to organize similar official events in Malaysia.

  23. I have already emailed them a thousand times or more. Could ya help me out thanks

  24. Lim Yimei,

    Well, i can't assist much 'cos i'm in Singapore... but what you could do is contact existing Nerf enthusiast groups in M'sia who are already organizing Nerf tournaments, maybe you guys could work something out, here is an example:


    Their website mentions that they are sponsored by Hasbro Malaysia, so maybe they are the contacts you could approach.

    Hope that helps! :)

  25. just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.

  26. are there any nerf tournements this year. i am new to nerf and i would love to join a tournement

    1. joon sheng,

      If there are any official tournaments organized by Hasbro, it will be advertised in the newspapers. Just keep a look out for it.

      Alternatively, you could also join the weekly Nerf games organized by local Nerf enthusiasts at the NerfSG Forum: