Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Review!

Still miss the classic 1990s Nerf Bow N Arrow?

Perhaps you could try the new version instead, the Nerf Big Bad Bow!

The Big Bad Bow (BBB) has a familiar bow style, but this time in a compound bow design with pulleys and such (these pulleys and strings are only cosmetic, they don't aid in the firing mechanism).

The package comes with 3 x Nerf Foam Arrows. There are 2 attachment holders on the BBB to mount the spare foam arrows on standby.

To fire, just pull back the rear handle and this action will prime its spring plunger mechanism. Once primed, load a foam arrow and you can shoot it like a normal blaster via the trigger.

The firing range is around 30+ ft, similiar to a Nerf Longshot or Recon.


Nerf Big Bad Bow - Box (Front)

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Box (Back)

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Un-Boxed

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Assembled

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Test Fire Video:

Nerf Big Bad Bow at

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nintendo Wii Nerf Concept Weapons!

Rhode-Island-based Weston Boeges, a designer working for Empire Prototyping and Product Development, is the man behind these awesome concepts for the "Nerf N-Strike" Nintendo Wii videogame.

Check out some of the concept renders:

We can only dream... :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nerf Longshot CS-6 (Yellow) - Review!

Nerf has introduced an update for the Nerf Longshot CS-6!

The new Nerf Longshot now comes in a Yellow paint scheme. Mechanically it still operates via the same bolt action magazine-fed firing system.

The main improvement is the new color consistency with the rest of the N-Strike blaster range, especially when swapping the interchangeable blaster components between Nerf Longshots and Nerf Recons.

Note: The new Nerf Longshot (yellow version) comes packaged with only 1 x 6-dart magazine (additional magazines are sold separately).

Review of the Blue Nerf Longshot Here.


Nerf Longshot - Box (Front)

Nerf Longshot - Box (Back)

Nerf Longshot - Un-Boxed

Nerf Longshot - Assembled (with optional 2nd Magazine in the stock)

Nerf Longshot - Yellow version vs Blue version

Nerf Longshot - Interchangeable Components with Nerf Recon

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nerf Blaster Rack!

Are your Nerf blasters just lying around or stuffed into shelves?

Create a Nerf Blaster Rack!

Cool way to display your Nerf collection!

Now i really have to get more of these metal peg boards... :)