Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Review!

Still miss the classic 1990s Nerf Bow N Arrow?

Perhaps you could try the new version instead, the Nerf Big Bad Bow!

The Big Bad Bow (BBB) has a familiar bow style, but this time in a compound bow design with pulleys and such (these pulleys and strings are only cosmetic, they don't aid in the firing mechanism).

The package comes with 3 x Nerf Foam Arrows. There are 2 attachment holders on the BBB to mount the spare foam arrows on standby.

To fire, just pull back the rear handle and this action will prime its spring plunger mechanism. Once primed, load a foam arrow and you can shoot it like a normal blaster via the trigger.

The firing range is around 30+ ft, similiar to a Nerf Longshot or Recon.


Nerf Big Bad Bow - Box (Front)

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Box (Back)

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Un-Boxed

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Assembled

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Big Bad Bow - Test Fire Video:

Nerf Big Bad Bow at


  1. Could u pls give me some Nerf game rules?

  2. You can find a set of nerf dart tag game rules via this link:

    That should give you some ideas on how to run your nerf games. Ultimately, you are free to create own game rules. :)

  3. The bow and arrows look cool but I still prefer the gun design.

    I find your blog interesting and if I may, I was thinking to do a write up for your site over at my blog.

    If you are interested. you can contact me at here as I couldn't find a email address here. :)

    Hope to hear from you soon. :)

  4. Hi... i was wondering, what are the nerf darts size? sorry cause none of my friends have interest in nerf and i cant get any from the store... (sob.

  5. Here is a link to a description of the various Nerf foam dart types:

    You can get nerf foam dart refill packs from most dept store toy sections, or from Toys R Us outlets.

  6. Hi,

    May i know where did you get the BBB in Singapore? Can't seem to find it anywhere i went....

  7. The BBB is not avaliable in SIngapore yet, but you can buy them from most dept stores in M'sia. :)

  8. how much did the BBB cost in malaysia?

  9. The Big Bad Bow is currently retailing at RM$99.90 in M'sia stores. :)

  10. You added a link to the list of refills. But are any of them compatible with the BBB?

  11. Nope, the Big Bad Bow is designed to use Nerf foam arrows only.

    That refills list was just requested as a reference to other foam dart types for the general Nerf blaster range.

  12. Actually, if you mod it, you can shoot darts (probobly only stefans(homemade darts)though)

  13. Can It fire without the arms (the parts that make it tall)Because I want it, but i don't wnt it to take up a lot of space

  14. speedsnow,

    Yes, the Big Bad Bow can be fired without the bow arms, those are just for design purposes.

  15. I was just wondering, could you use these in nerf wars like the titan (ie like artillery/mortars)?

  16. P13c30fch33s3,

    Sure, i guess you could just set some special game rules which enable the foam arrows to be considered as foam missiles with special "missile" rules.

  17. Is the Bow Arms detachable after it's attached?

  18. Nerf Meagafan,

    Yes, it's still possible to remove the bow arms after they are attached.

  19. I like the Nerf Big Bad Bow.

  20. Do you know if the darts for the N-Strike will fit into the new Rebelle bow for girls...need replacements for both but only want to buy one big pack of them. Thanks.

    1. mcdrmbldr,

      If you are referring to the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow, it uses a color patterned variant of the streamline/elite foam darts, so you can use the N-strike versions with it too.