Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nerf Ammo Box - Review!

Ammo count depleting fast? Down to your last few streamline foam darts? Nerf now has a 100 Streamline foam dart refill pack and it comes with a Nerf Ammo Box too!

There are also Sonic foam dart versions avaliable too.


Nerf Ammo Box - Front

Nerf Ammo Box - Back

Nerf Ammo Box - Side

Nerf Ammo Box - Un-Boxed

Nerf Ammo Box - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Ammo Box - "Ammo Cache" for Nerf Skirmish Games!

Yup, it'll be fun hiding Nerf Ammo Boxes as reserve ammo caches around the office! :)

Nerf Ammo Box at

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 - Review!

The Nerf Rapid Fire 20 is a unique nerf blaster that's powered by compressed air (similar to the MagStrike or Hornet) with its air tank filled via an in-built pump handle. It will require approx. 20+ pumps to fill it up fully.

Design-wise, the Rapid Fire 20 (aka RF20 in short) belongs to a classic era of Nerf blasters, the hive barrel and exposed tube design can be seen as rather "old skool" compared to the latest modern N-Strike blasters, but what the RF20 lacks in looks, it more than makes up in sheer foam dart firing capability.

Its rate of fire will impress everyone, the RF20 can be fired in both Semi-Auto or Full Auto (mode selection is done via a dial on its side). In Full Auto mode, the RF20 can fire an average of 8 rounds per second, that's 480 rounds per minute! This makes it just about the fastest firing blaster in the current Nerf range.

All this operates via its auto-rotating multi-barrel turret which has a 20 foam dart ammo capacity. It is compatible with all Nerf foam darts too.

Note: The RF20 sets i've reviewed here are purchased from Jusco Toys R Us in JB, and these are the standard versions with a black/red color scheme. There is actually a newer version called the Nerf N-Strike AS-20 which is essentially the same mechanically, but has an updated black/yellow color scheme and embossed with "Nerf N-Strike" logos.


Nerf Rapid Fire 20 - Box (Front)

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 - Box (Back)

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 - Un-boxed (20 Micro Foam Darts & Logo Stickers)

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 - With Micro & Tagger Foam Darts

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 - Scale Comparison with Nerf Longshot & Maverick

Here is a test fire video of the Nerf Rapid Fire 20 in action, i've used 3 sets to demonstrate the various firing combinations:

1st RF20 : Micro Foam Darts (Full Auto mode)
2nd RF20 : Tagger Foam Darts (Semi-Auto mode)
3rd RF20 : Tagger Foam Darts (Full Auto mode)

Test Fire Video:

Whether its for participating in Nerf skirmish games or just to impress your friends and colleagues, I would highly recommend the Nerf Rapid Fire 20! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nerf News Article in The Straits Times!

The Straits Times (Singapore) has published a News Article about the Nerf SG community!

Imho, its a well researched and informative write-up, kudos to ST journalist Jasmine! :)