Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nerf Ammo Box - Review!

Ammo count depleting fast? Down to your last few streamline foam darts? Nerf now has a 100 Streamline foam dart refill pack and it comes with a Nerf Ammo Box too!

There are also Sonic foam dart versions avaliable too.


Nerf Ammo Box - Front

Nerf Ammo Box - Back

Nerf Ammo Box - Side

Nerf Ammo Box - Un-Boxed

Nerf Ammo Box - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Ammo Box - "Ammo Cache" for Nerf Skirmish Games!

Yup, it'll be fun hiding Nerf Ammo Boxes as reserve ammo caches around the office! :)

Nerf Ammo Box at


  1. Will the Maverick fit inside of the Ammo box nicely?

  2. Well, its possible to fit a Nerf Maverick in the Ammo Box, it'll just sit at an angle. :)

  3. Does The ammo Box sell at SG?And How much does it cost?Tnx

  4. At the moment, Ammo boxes are not avaliable in Singapore stores.

    Ammo boxes are avaliable at dept stores in Malaysia though, so you could just take a drive over to JB to get them. Retail price is RM$99.90.

  5. How many Raider clips could you fit in there?

  6. It can fit at least 1 Raider drum magazine, maybe 2 with some adjustments.

  7. that's awesome!
    that will be in one of my Nerf goals this year.

    Commander Blade

  8. These darts Box 100 fits in fury fire?

  9. Patricia,

    The Nerf Fury Fire cannot fit into the Nerf Ammo Box.

  10. How tough are these thing?
    Can it withstand heavy use?
    Me and my brother are really rough gamers you know ;P

  11. Joeri,

    Well, the Nerf Ammo Boxes are basically made of plastic. So i guess they are about as tough as the usual plastic boxes you get from stores. :)

  12. Could these be used as an ammo box for the nerf vulcan with the 50 dart belt mod? Thanks alot!

  13. John,

    I guess its possible, just custom mount it on the side of your Vulcan for it to fit and feed the ammo belts, just like you would do for any plastic box. :)

  14. Which is worth buying?

    1. a 100 Ammo Box pack of darts
    2. many pack of 30-36pk darts

    please reply before Friday.

  15. Musta,

    Get the Nerf Ammo Box set, 'cos you get a nice ammo box along with the foam darts.

  16. What's the difference between Sonic darts and Whistler darts? Is it true that the ONLY difference is the color scheme?

  17. Musta,

    They are the same, just different names given by different people.

  18. What are the dimensions of the ammo box? I got plenty of darts between my guns and the spare clips I've gotten, but I don't want to shell out the cash for it, if I feel I don't need the darts but need the storage...don't mean to sound cheap, just economical

  19. griever2112,

    Sorry, i don't have the Nerf ammo box with me anymore so i can't do a measurement on it.

    But as indicated on the box label, it can store up to 300 foam darts, so that could be a guide for you.

  20. Is it GST taxable if brought into Singapore? Cos I intend to buy 1 in Malaysia and bring it into SG. So I was wondering if I have to have any permits or taxes due in such a case

  21. Master Warrant,

    Read this link for info on GST Relief for travelers from Singapore Customs:

    Keep your receipts for reference.

  22. Checked up on that but I was wondering if it is classified as a controlled item?

  23. Master Warrant,

    Well, its a toy and doesn't pose any real danger to anyone, so in theory you shouldn't have any issues at customs.

    If in doubt, just keep your receipts and allow the customs reps to check if they request to inspect it.

  24. But I read customs website and they said certain toy weapons are controlled

  25. Master Warrant,

    Did the customs website state that the Nerf Ammo Box is a controlled item? If not, then its up to the customs reps to inspect and decide.

    If you are still worried about it, then just don't bring it in. Simple.

  26. I'll just try my luck there. Cos I need the box and the ammo

  27. Where can u buy this in Singapore? I know that theres a lot in Malaysia!

  28. ilyas,

    Nerf Ammo Boxes are not available in Singapore stores.

  29. At toys r us this is £30!!!! NO FAIR! ):

  30. sg, have you done any research on how many darts you will lose in a week on average?

    1. Anonymous,

      Well, i'm quite diligent with retrieving my ammo after each game, so i usually achieve around 90%-95% recovery rate... i use approx. 100+ foam darts at weekly games, so it averages out to a loss of just 5-10 foam darts after each game (depending on the game location and terrain).