Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nerf Tech Target - Review!

Keen on practicing and testing your Nerf marksmanship skills?

The latest Nerf Tech Target set is now available at local stores!

This is an electronic Nerf target board with pressure-sensitive panels which register hits from Nerf foam darts. There is a LED counter to indicate game modes and scores. There are 3 different game modes: Missile Defense, Hit The Number & Range Simulator.

The new version features updated N-Strike graphics and its packed with new Reflex IX-1 Nerf blasters for 2-player gameplay.


Nerf Tech Target - Box (Front)

Nerf Tech Target - Box (Back)

Nerf Tech Target - Un-Boxed

Nerf Tech Target - Contents

Nerf Tech Target - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Tech Target - Tactical Rail for Nerf Accessories

Yes, i know that putting a Longshot scope on the tiny Reflex IX-1 looks ridiculous, but i just couldn't resist! :)

Here is my Nerf Tech Target Test Fire Video (using the "Range Simulator" game mode):

Catch that cheesy victory tune? Haha.

Really got to improve my aiming... :)

Nerf Tech Target Set at


  1. I want to buy just two of them, but then I have to buy the whole set ): Too bad for me.

  2. If you just want the Reflex IX-1 blasters, maybe you can check out Toys R Us. They have the Nerf N-Strike Attack Unit set:

    6 Reflex IX-1 blasters! :)

  3. wad are the average ranges for this gun? and is the eliminator(not available in SG) hast the same ranges as this gun?

  4. Average range is around 25+ ft.

    Yup, the Eliminator should have a similiar range as the Reflex, both have the same internal parts, just different casing designs.

  5. Kim,

    Depends on the store stock availability in your area.

  6. i'v bought a reflex and it's ranges are about 60ft this is NOT modded

  7. I have a one of those guns very good want to het the tec target p.solve your blog

  8. Lol go longshot scope!:D

  9. I have got one these trough a trade.I never regret for that.These little blasters are incredible,for sneaky shots.

  10. hi,do singapore toy r us still sells the nerf n strike attack unit

    1. Anonymous,

      I've not seen those at local Toys R Us stores for quite a while already... seems they are all sold out.

      You could still try checking at the various stores though, try your luck and see if you can find them.

    2. Still got three sets sold at Parkson Perangin Mall, Penang, Malaysia ;)