Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Review!

Attain high ammo capacity with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire!

The Nerf Hail-Fire uses a "clip carousel" design with a flywheel powered system to launch foam darts in semi-auto. It features 2 spinning flywheels positioned in a vertical layout (similar to the Nerf Barricade).

Pull the "acceleration trigger" button at the trigger handle (similar to the Nerf Rayven) to power up the flywheels, then pull the main trigger to fire. Each trigger pull fires one shot. The rate-of-fire depends on the how quick you can continuously pull the trigger.

The "clip carousel" system is operated via its advance carry handle, each time the handle is pushed forward, the carousel will rotate anti-clockwise by one ammo slot. The blaster has 8 x ammo slots.

It comes packaged with 4 x 6-dart clips and 24 x Elite foam darts. The clips are translucent on the right side for easier viewing of the ammo count. It is also compatible with all other N-Strike clips and drum magazines too (sold separately).

With additional ammo clips, the Hail-Fire is able to attain the highest ammo capacity amongst all current Nerf blasters. With an 8 x 18-dart clip configuration, it allows for an ammo capacity of 144 foam darts!

Elite foam darts are lighter than Streamline foam darts, and their tip weight are focused further forward to enhance performance. In addition, they can also be used with most Nerf blasters.

The Hail-Fire utilizes the new Elite foam darts to achieve longer ranges. The box states "fires up to 75ft".

The blaster requires 4 x AA batteries to operate (batteries sold separately). It is compatible with most N-Strike tactical rail accessories.

Average stock range is around 45-55ft (parallel-to-ground) or 65-75ft (angled-to-ground).


Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Box (Front) 

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Box (Back)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Box (Side)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Un-Boxed

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Contents

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Assembled

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Angled View

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Blaster Requires 4 x AA Batteries
(Batteries Sold Separately)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Acceleration Trigger & Main Trigger

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Advance Handle

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Access Hatch

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Clip Comparison

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - 8 x Ammo Slots 
(Additional Clips Sold Separately)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - With 8 x 6-Dart Clips

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - With Assorted Clips & Drum Magazines

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - With 8 x 18-Dart Clips

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - N-Strike Accessory Compatibility

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Demo & Range Test Video

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire @ Amazon.com

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite Blasters & Accessories in Singapore!

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Blasters & Accessories are now in Singapore!

Source: Hasbro Singapore

Retail Prices (in $SGD):

Nerf N-Strike Elite 30-Dart Refill Pack = SGD$11.90
Nerf N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit = SGD$29.90
Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest = SGD$49.90
Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator = SGD$59.90
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage = SGD$69.90
Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire = SGD$99.90
Nerf Vortex Pyragon = SGD$99.90

Available at most local major dept stores in Singapore.

Monday, August 20, 2012

John Brenkus From Sport Science Shows Off The Elite Rampage And Retaliator Blasters!

This new video features a sports science style analysis of the Elite Rampage and Retaliator, hosted by John Brenkus!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hasbro Singapore Nerf Wars Official Video Competition!

From Hasbro Singapore Facebook Page:

"As you may have heard, we’re launching the performance-heavy NERF ELITE series in Singapore very soon. Here on Hasbro Singapore’s Facebook page, we’re giving you the chance to be the FIRST in Singapore to own the entire range of Nerf Elite blasters worth S$329.60!

Make a War video with your NERF Blasters, and submit it here. Contest ends 23 August 2012.

Remember, it’s Nerf or Nothin’."


To enter the competition, access the "Nerf Wars" Video Competition Mini-Site via this link:


Kindly read the Terms & Conditions.

Note that this "Nerf Wars" video contest is open only to participants currently residing in Singapore.


Good luck to all participants! Looking forward to watching and voting on the uploaded videos. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

More Info on The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm!

SpectreX (aka RandomShadow09 on Youtube) at the HvZ Forum managed to get a photo of the back of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm box from the eBay seller... check it out!

Source Link: HvZ Forum Thread

Yeah, its got slam-fire! :)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Achieves Top Bid of USD$1,125.01 on eBay!

Your eyes are not deceiving you... yes, that famous Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm on eBay has attracted a crazy top bid of USD$1,125.01!

Original Source: Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm on eBay 

Looking forward to a review from that successful bidder. :)