Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hasbro Singapore Nerf Wars Official Video Competition!

From Hasbro Singapore Facebook Page:

"As you may have heard, we’re launching the performance-heavy NERF ELITE series in Singapore very soon. Here on Hasbro Singapore’s Facebook page, we’re giving you the chance to be the FIRST in Singapore to own the entire range of Nerf Elite blasters worth S$329.60!

Make a War video with your NERF Blasters, and submit it here. Contest ends 23 August 2012.

Remember, it’s Nerf or Nothin’."


To enter the competition, access the "Nerf Wars" Video Competition Mini-Site via this link:


Kindly read the Terms & Conditions.

Note that this "Nerf Wars" video contest is open only to participants currently residing in Singapore.


Good luck to all participants! Looking forward to watching and voting on the uploaded videos. :)


  1. SGNerf,
    Are you going to enter?, I think it would be really awesome if you did.


  2. So, is it 75 feet or 15 feet?

    1. Unknown,

      75ft... as shown in the updated competition poster.

  3. Come on! Australia is almost always the last to recieve any Nerf-related things.
    We don't even get the 75ft versions! >:(
    Hey, did anyone notice the Hailfire had no tactical rail near the barrel and the Rampage was a pre-release pic.

  4. Is It Released On Singapore Already?

    1. Anonymous,

      The Elite blasters are slated to be available at most local dept stores in Singapore from Sept 2012 onwards.

      Just keep a lookout for them popping up in stores soon.

  5. SGNerf,
    Just came across your blog and saw this post...no intention to join any vid competition but we just did a short nerf action film...do check it out and share..!!