Monday, August 20, 2012

John Brenkus From Sport Science Shows Off The Elite Rampage And Retaliator Blasters!

This new video features a sports science style analysis of the Elite Rampage and Retaliator, hosted by John Brenkus!


  1. My brain hurts by how stupied this is, at least they didn't claim 75 ft flat and the video doesn't imply that either.

  2. I stopped watching as soon as they said 'blast radius'. Are they just throwing catchy terms around whenever they get the chance while butchering their meaning?

    I think the community is far more objective than that.

  3. Gosh, just count how many times the words "75 feet" and "Elite" are said. It looks more like an advertisement piece than a real sports science episode. Wonder how much Nerf paid SportsScience to do this

  4. They show it flying to 75 feet at start of video flat... they should be sued for fake advertising. And that guy that spent 1000$ on a elite blaster on ebay should be payed back in full by nerf

    1. I agree. But I don't think Nerf doesn't have to pay that guy back. Besides, Nobody's ever heard of it before, and I'd pay extra to get a blaster early...But yeah, the ranges are way iffy.

  5. Ugh. I see tons of test ranges for this thing, it BARELY reaches 75 feet angled. It's not as accurate as an archer's bow at all. He's just advertising nerf, not analyzing at all.

  6. This doesnt seem to be very realisitc! =/