Monday, May 18, 2009

Foam Ballistic Shield!

Looking for some protection from foam darts?

Make your own Foam Ballistic Shield!

Foam ballistic shields introduce more interesting tactics in nerf skirmish games, especially for indoor close-quarter-battle (CQB) games!

This idea sprang up from a recent office nerf game, soon everyone was running around with these shields...

Its very simple to make, you can find the steps at my modworks blog Here!


  1. i made one of those things out of craft store foam boards and seran wrap

  2. Christopher DuranteJuly 9, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    I made 3 sheilds, one as big as my body made of wood, one about half that size out of foam board and one that is skinny and reaches my feet to my shoulder. That's an impressive feat since I am 6'2". You can make a small hole to use as the window to see through the sheild. I also made a helmet out of a TNT "Detonator" box top. It's big enough to fit my head and it has a very big cellulose screen. It is very effective. Another one of my creations is body armour made of an amazon box that is unfolded and straped to my body. These are just a few tips to get the edge in a nerf war.

  3. Would this be a good combo with a nerf rayven?

    1. Anonymous,

      Yes, it works well with semi-auto and full-auto blasters that can be wielded with one hand.