Friday, May 27, 2011

Nerf Whiteout Series Blasters in Singapore!

The latest Nerf Whiteout Series Blasters are now in Singapore!

Retail Prices (in $SGD):

Nerf Whiteout Series Maverick REV-6 = SGD$21.90
Nerf Whiteout Series Longstrike CS-6 = SGD$79.90

Look out for them at major dept stores in Singapore!


  1. did nerf say anything about this? i dont think they did. it looks awesome

  2. Steven,

    I did hear of some indication about them a while back, but no confirmed release date at that time.

    Anyways they have now popped up in local stores, so its time to go shopping. :)

  3. They're really running out of ideas. These repaints are just becoming plain annoying.

  4. Cool where is that place can you tell my Awesome to the MAX!!!!!!!

  5. Personally I'm all for it as long as the new color schemes are good - this whole blue and yellow thing already got old 3 years ago!

    I was really hoping they'd make a Sonic Longstrike (I'd get it for cinematic purposes, haha), but this Whiteout version looks pretty awesome. Do we have any idea if/when these might hit shelves in the U.S.?

  6. Gday from Australia,
    PLEASE tell me there is a shop over in Singapore that will SHIP a Sexy new Whiteout Maverick to me

  7. Synergie,

    Unfortunately the local Toys R Us stores here don't ship internationally... though i guess you could check with the stores in Australia, the Whiteout Series blasters might be popping up there soon too. :)

  8. I can't believe that the prices for the maverick are expensive. I always wanted a repaint of a nerf gun and the design is nice.

  9. sweet it would be awesome to have a nerf war in the snow with these the only thing is you would loose alot of darts

  10. Sir ,

    In India we too have NERF Guns, made with a company funskool. Is the Quality of these same as compared to what is found in U.S and singapore. or are these locally made Guns


  11. Vinod,

    Well, i've not seen the blasters that you mentioned from "funskool" so i can't comment on whether they are the same as the original Nerf blasters sold in Singapore and USA.

    I guess you'll just have to get them and do a side-by-side comparison. :)

  12. Vinod,

    Just an update, sources from Hasbro have indicated that the Nerf blasters from "funskool" are the same as the blasters sold in Singapore and USA.

    The main difference is those blasters just have a "funskool" sticker on them.

  13. Hi may i know which Toys R Us in SG sold this whiteout series?

  14. sky,

    To my knowledge, all the local Toys R Us outlets currently stock the Nerf Whiteout blasters.

  15. Alright! thanks alot SG Nerf! :)

  16. Just got a Longstrike CS-6 (white series) at Walmart for only $17. Price said $25 on the sign but when I went to the check out it rang up at only $17. Just think last week they were $32.88. I had bought one, but I had trouble with the clip so I returned it! Thank god I said I wanted a refund! I wanted the gun so bad that I decided to go get another one! When I saw the price, I was so happy that I returned the other one! Hope every one gets in on the deal!

  17. Are these the only nerf whiteouts?Longstrike,mav,and deploy Cos if they are then I assume nerd whiteout series is soposta be for stealth.

    1. Anonymous,

      There is also the Whiteout Nite Finder in the series too... though that model was not available at local dept stores in Singapore.