Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ahtanie's Nerf Arsenal 2011!

Many Nerf enthusiasts would know Ahtanie as the expert blaster modder and collector from Singapore. But do you guys actually have any idea of the actual scale of his collection?

Ahtanie has now provided us with a glimpse of his current collection as of 24th May 2011... check it out and be absolutely and utterly awed-struck!

My collection is not even a tiny fraction of what he has... so lets all just live vicariously though him. :)


  1. These are the type of videos that makes me go '.....'

  2. he has too many nerf guns (IF THATS POSSIBLE!)

  3. Hey SGN! Thanks for the promo! haha. C'mon my modifications don't even come close to your R3L invention.
    And we all know it's quality over quantity! haha
    I gotta let some of them go though, my room can't take anymore lol.
    Thanks for the SM2k SGN! :)

  4. we need to go to his house and have a true Nerf war.

  5. Replies
    1. imho, a more appropriate title would be "hardcore collector" :)

    2. Very mean...D: