Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Review!

Dominate the competition with the Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire!

The Nerf Swarmfire is a fully motorized spring-powered direct plunger blaster. The blaster requires 6 x C Batteries to power its motor (Batteries sold separately). Its rotating barrel has a 20-dart ammo capacity.

Its firing system is fully motorized, there is no manual priming mechanism (without any batteries, it cannot fire).

The Swarmfire can fire in full auto or in bursts, depending on the duration of trigger pulls. Firing single shots at a time can also be done by simply pulling the trigger briefly and letting go. Its all in the timing of the trigger pulls.

It has a shoulder stock which can be attached or detached via a release button.

This blaster is packaged with 20 x Tagger foam darts. It is compatible with most Nerf foam darts (except Streamline foam darts).

The Swarmfire's stock rate-of-fire (RoF) is around 2-3 shots per second. Average stock range is around 25-30ft.

For internal photos of the Nerf Swarmfire, click Here.

Available at most major dept stores in Singapore.
Retail Price: SGD$79.90.


Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Box (Front)

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Box (Back)

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Un-Boxed

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Contents

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Assembled

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - 20-Dart Ammo Capacity Rotating Barrel

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Detachable Shoulder Stock

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Battery Sled / Requires 6 x C Batteries
(Batteries & battery converters are sold separately)

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - On/Off Power Switch

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire - Demo & Test Fire Video

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire at


  1. Hey SGNERF!!

    I really admire your site and sister sites.

    I would like to humbly ask your permission to reproduce your articles and videos on

    Of course, all articles taken from you will be acknowledged and linked back to your sites.

    Thanks, and again, awesome stuff!

  2. Brien Chia,

    You can reference my reviews on your site, but do include the credits and links back to this site.

    In addition, do note that i update the information on my reviews as and when necessary, so it would be better just to post a direct link to my review, instead of re-posting the entire review wholesale, as the info may end up out-dated over time.

  3. Hey SGNERF,

    Any News on when the new Dart Tag line will be coming to the UK and Europe? I have seen that it is now out in USA and in SG but have you heard anything?

    Thanks, I think your reviews and blogs are awesome!


  4. Is that the stock firing speed, seems faster than Stampede or Vulcan.

  5. DragonLordLeon,

    At the moment, its exclusive only to Singapore and USA markets. Not sure when they'll be available in UK or Europe though.

  6. 66731614-6488-11e0-8b97-000f20980440,

    Yes, the Swarmfire shown in my demo & test fire video is in stock condition. The average stock firing speed is similiar to the Stampede or Vulcan.

    Note that the firing speed is also dependent on the quality of the batteries used, and the level of battery power.

  7. which is better swarmfire or quick 16?

  8. Alif,

    Personally, i like motorized blasters so i prefer the Swarmfire for general game usage.

    But for Dart Tag games (that specifically require only the use of Tagger foam darts), then i'd say the Quick 16 would be abit more effective because its easier to reload it while on the move.

  9. man, best parts are the rifle grip, removable stock, and the batteries are in front unlike the stampede... i hate that things battery placement makes it too heavy in the back and its impossible to control without the fore grip.

  10. do you know how to mod reflex ix-1

  11. Alif,

    The Nerf Reflex is a reverse plunger blaster, so just open the casing, remove the plunger tube, then cut or drill out the AR in the bolt. Replace the stock spring with a stronger version (if you have), then put everything back together. Quite simple. :)

  12. do you know how to mod deploy

  13. Alif,

    Yes, just follow my Recon or Raider Mod Guides:

    The modding process is pretty much the same for all of these reverse plunger blasters, that's why i didn't do up individual guides for the rest of the other models, 'cos it'll just be repeating the same steps.

    Note that for the Deploy n particular, its exterior casing design requires alot more work to dis-assemble and re-assemble though, so do be prepared for that challenge. :)

  14. hey sg nerf
    i live in the uk and i was wondering when do you think the swarm fire will come out also i have the alpha trooper and i am stuck between buying the barricade or the raider
    plz reply soon

  15. hobohorror,

    I've no idea of the Nerf stock availability in the UK, you should just check with the dept stores around your area to find out when and if they are stocking the Nerf Swarmfire.

    If you already have the Alpha Trooper, then just get a Barricade as a semi-auto firing sidearm.

    The Raider would be useful to get if you need its 35-dart drum magazine though.

  16. hey i just found the barrel break yesterday and now i am stuck again barricade or barrel break. thanks u r immense

  17. hobohorror,

    For Nerf games, the Barricade is still more effective... imho, the Barrel Break is more of a 2-shot novelty blaster. :)

  18. Hi; long-time follower of this blog ever since I got involved with HvZ here.

    When you say it does not work with Streamline darts, would you care to be more specific?

  19. JRB,

    The rubber stems in Streamline foam dart tips get blocked by the plastic dart posts within each of the Swarmfire's barrels.

    A common solution most modders do is to simply remove the plastic dart posts inside the barrels, then it can use streamline foam darts (and DIY solid-core foam darts too). :)

    You can see how its done in my Swarmfire Mod Guide:

  20. Which of the new 2011 Dart Tag guns would you recommend to an experienced fighter? An amateur? And also, which is your favorite out of the new line?

  21. John Doe,

    The Swarmfire would be ideal for both experienced and new players, full-auto 20 shots is effective for most Dart Tag games.

    I prefer full-auto blasters, so the Swarmfire gets my vote.

  22. darthtyrannus1,

    Yes, they can be used too.

  23. dear sg nerf
    which dart tag blaster blaster is best in your opinion for playing with 2-5 people? the swarmfare, speedload, quick 16 or speedswarm?

  24. Should I get the Swarmfire or 2 Barricades or wait till N Strike Elite comes out?

    1. moogaffy,

      I'd prefer the Swarmfire over the Barricades, personally more keen on motorized spring plunger blasters.

      N-Strike Elite blasters are not released yet so i can't comment or compare them properly at the moment.

  25. how much weight is the swarmfire and how do you get battery cases

    1. ninja assasin,

      All in with batteries, it weighs around 2+ kg.

      The battery converter shells are sourced from electronics parts shops.

  26. Hello SGNerf,
    I was wondering, do you know what are the ranges of the Blue trigger version?
    And in YOUR opinion, should I get 3 sharpshots or a swarmfire.
    Thanks, JeremyArifin

    1. JeremyArifin,

      From the units that i've tested so far, the ranges of the blue trigger version seem be 5-10ft further than the orange trigger version, its not alot of difference but there is some noticeable improvement.

      Get the Swarmfire... much better than Sharpshots. :)

  27. What would be the ranges if I did the following mods to a blue triggered Swarmfire?:
    - AR's removed
    - Pegs removed
    - Improved seal
    - 15V batteries
    Would you think that the Swarmfire would look good with a White-out paint scheme? For I that's what I'm planning on painting it...
    BTW: In Australia,we have a toy sale, the Swarmfire is $ that worth it? (I think it is)
    Thanks, JeremyArifin

    1. JeremyArifin,

      Well, with AR removal and improved seal, you should be getting at least 45-50ft flat ranges (maybe more). 15V would be suitable for stock spring setups and it'll speed up the rate-of-fire noticeably.

      As for paint scheme, i guess a white-out style would look cool.

      AU$28 for Swarmfires is a pretty good deal... in Singapore, they cost more than double that price! :)

  28. Hi sgnerf,i would like to ask if I should get the stampede or the swarmfire?thanks.