Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Review!

Start your Dart Tag collection with the Nerf Sharp Shot!

The Nerf Sharp Shot is a compact pistol-sized spring plunger powered blaster, it operates on a pull-back priming mechanism operated by a top mounted slide handle.

It features a carabina style "quick release" clip (ball & clasp system) which can be hooked on belt loops, this allows the blaster to be carried easily and detached quickly for use.

This blaster is packaged with 4 x Tagger foam darts. There are 3 ammo holder slots to store foam darts. It is also compatible with most Nerf foam darts (except Streamline foam darts). Average firing range is around 20-25ft.

For internal photos of the Nerf Sharp Shot, click Here.

Available at most major dept stores in Singapore.
Retail Price: SGD$16.90.


Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Box (Front)

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Box (Back)

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Un-Boxed

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Contents

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Assembled

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Ammo Storage Configuration

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Carabiner Style Clip "Quick Release" System

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot - Demo & Test Fire Video

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot at


  1. ilyas,

    You can find the new Dart Tag blasters and accessories at most major dept stores now. As of this moment, they have been spotted at places like Metro Sengkang, Metro Paragon, Toys R Us Paragon etc.

    Most major dept stores will be carrying the stock anyways, so just check at the stores around your area.

  2. Got this yesterday with the swarmfire and quick 16. Doctored some simple mods to it and shoots about 50-60 feet.

  3. Where did you get the "nerf target practice" board?

  4. Chris Shade,

    Its from a Nerf Target Practice Set, comes with the Dart Tag Target Rug and a Nerf Eliminator + a bunch of Tagger foam darts.

    I got it during a trip overseas in 2010, they were available at dept stores in the States a while back.

  5. Hey, just a question I had, are streamline darts and whistler darts the same or is there a difference? Thank you and you have an awesome blog

  6. darthtyrannus1,

    They are different, streamline foam darts have a narrow tip and are designed to be used in N-Strike clips.

    Whistler foam darts have a larger tip and are designed to whistle in flight.

    Btw, thanks for the nice feedback! :)

  7. Replies
    1. vms1505,

      Nope, its reverse plunger... you can see photos of the internals here: