Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack - Review!

Go head-to-head against a friend with the Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack!

The 2-Player Starter Pack consists of:

2 x Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot
2 x Vision Gear Eyewear
2 x Official Dart Tag "Training" Vests
8 x Tagger Foam Darts

Read a full review of the Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot Here.

The Vision Gear Eyewear are similar in design to the older versions of Nerf Vision Eyewear, with a dark-grey soft plastic frame and orange-tinted lenses.

The Official Dart Tag "Training" Vests are made of 100% polyester, with the front of the vest made of a soft fiber material that Tagger foam darts can stick to, while the back of the vest is made of a netting-like material for ventilation.

The "Training" Vest's dimensions are: Height 67cm, Width 59cm with a Collar width of 19cm.

Available at most major dept stores in Singapore.
Retail Price: SGD$99.90.


Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack - Box (Front)

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack - Box (Back)

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack - Un-Boxed

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack - Contents

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack - Vision Gear Eyewear

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack - Official Dart Tag "Training" Vests

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack - "Training" Vest Demonstration
(Wearer Profile: 1.83m/6ft tall, 82kg/180lb, Waistline 34", Adult Male)

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack at


  1. hey i was wonder when the new guns were comin to the US? and also what are the ranges?

  2. AD MAN,

    They are already available in the States.

    As for the Nerf Sharp Shot, read my full review of them here:

  3. how come you never show your face on the blog?

  4. AD MAN,

    I don't want to get hounded by paparazzi on the streets. :)

  5. Does it come with the belt clips?

  6. Dennis,

    Nope, the Sharp Shots in this package do not come with the carabiner style "quick release" clips.

  7. I'm just curious, what is your real job?

  8. Adil,

    I run a business consultancy & marketing firm.

  9. Hey!

    Do you think this'll be something awesome to give to a 12 year old little brother? I saw him going through your blog lots of time and he seems to be dying for one so I thought I should buy him this. Where can I find this? Think I'll find it at Causeway Point?
    And you've got an awesome blog! It's really informative too! Thanks a lot!

  10. Sarah-Yuki,

    Its a good introduction pack for those new to the Nerf Dart Tag hobby, as it comes with all the blasters and equipment required to play.

    Alternatively, you could also ask him which particular blaster he is actually keen on getting.

    Check at Toys R Us stores or major dept stores, those places usually stock Nerf blasters.

    Btw, thanks for the nice feedback! :)

  11. Thanks for getting back to me so fast!
    There's one problem though, it's for his 13th bday this coming week... so if I ask him it won't be much of a surprise. He's really good at sniffing out lies so asking him inconspicuously won't work. He keeps talking about this type of nerf gun... errr.... slick 16? I'm not quite sure since he was talking too fast at the time...

  12. Sarah-Yuki,

    I think he is referring to the Quick 16, you can check out a review of it here:

    That might be a better blaster to get for him, since he is keen on it. :)

  13. Thanks A Lot!
    Hope my brother likes it! :D :D