Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 Nerf Dart Tag Blasters in Singapore!

The 2011 Nerf Dart Tag blasters and accessories are now available at most major dept stores in Singapore!

Retail Prices (in $SGD):

Nerf Sharp Shot = SGD$16.90
Nerf Speedload 6 = SGD$26.90
Nerf Quick 16 = SGD$46.90
Nerf Swarmfire = SGD$79.90
Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Starter Pack = SGD$99.90
Nerf Vision Gear = SGD$9.90
Nerf Competition Jersey = SGD$29.90

Keep a lookout for them at local stores! :)


  1. it there going to be in kuala lumpur to?????

  2. my_streetboy214,

    Currently the 2011 Nerf Dart Tag range is only exclusive to the Singapore and USA market.

    Read this:


  3. dose the swarmfire stock work on the quick 16

  4. Steven,

    Nope, the Swarmfire shoulder stock does not fit on the Quick 16.

  5. can i get a longshot at malaysia if so which shopping mall?

  6. Hari,

    I've no idea of the Nerf stock availability in Malaysia, i guess you'll just have to shop around to see if you can find them. Longshots are very rare nowadays (they were already sold out in Singapore since 2010).

  7. where can i get quick 1?6 in singapore

    1. blaze,

      I have already replied to you at the Singapore Nerf Stock List section, but you keep re-posting the same question. Stop doing that.

      Check at local dept stores like Metro, OG or Toys R Us, they should still have stock at the moment.

    2. blaze,

      I can't pin point which exact dept store has stock, i don't work at those places.

      Each store's stock availability varies, so just shop around on your own to find them.

  8. Replies
    1. blaze,

      As i mentioned, just visit the store and check. If an outlet is out of stock, then go to another one.

      Stop being such a pest!

  9. does the quick 16 is still in stock ?

  10. blaze,

    Should be, they are currently still spotted at local stores.