Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Sneak Peeks at the Nerf Vortex Series!

More sneak peeks on the Nerf Vortex Series have been posted on NerfNation Facebook page:

- Photo from NerfNation Facebook Page

NerfNation Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/NerfNation?sk=app_10467688569

And here is the 2nd sneak peek video!


  1. Does the nitron have 2 triggers, tgats what it looks like in the picture

  2. Not a DIFFERENT type of ammo!!!!

  3. part of me is excited, the other part wants to run in terror. i dont know if i can handle another ammo type!
    maybe i should nix my whole collection and just get a bunch of stampedes and barricades

  4. it looks like the one on the bottom is bull pup.... i hope it is there are NO nerf bull pups.

  5. sean,

    unfortunately, I do not believe the blaster you are refering to is bullpup. It looks more like a ammo storage unit built into the stock, like the Recon and Longstrike.

    However, I agree it would be fantastic if Nerf finally makes a bullpup blaster.

  6. SG Nerf,
    Is the Vortex released in 9th October or 10th September??

  7. Blog SaifulMarteen,

    Apparently the official launch date is 10th September 2011.