Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nerf Vortex Series - Launching in Singapore!

The Nerf Vortex Series will be available in Singapore from 9th September 2011!

Click on the poster to view it in higher resolution:

Available at Toys R Us and most major dept stores.


  1. sgnerf!!! i have a question to ask!!!!!! should i buy the alpha trooper or the praxis???

    btw, the only thing i dont like about the new vortex is that, it shoots discs instead of darts!and,it does not seem to look realistic :/

  2. Bboy Tzetsu,

    The choice of blasters will depend on whether you want to use foam darts or foam disc ammo.

    The Alpha Trooper is a good blaster to get because it can use N-Strike clips and drum magazines which also complement your existing clip-fed Nerf blasters.

    The Praxis is something new and although you'll need to invest in the foam disc ammo to use in Nerf games, from reviews by Nerf enthusiasts posted up online, the Vortex blasters and their disc ammo characteristics produce better range performance, even in stock condition.

  3. AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!! these are gonna be awesome! how far do you think they will shoot?

  4. AD MAN,

    I'll be posting reviews on them soon, but other Nerf enthusiasts who have tested them earlier have reported very good stock ranges so its something to look forward to. :)

  5. this bullet will be forever??i afraid in future it will not have this bullet anymore....

  6. small kid,

    Well, the foam discs are re-usable like foam darts (not just one-use only).

    I've no idea exacty how long the refill packs will be available for though, but since the blaster models are from Hasbro/Nerf, there should be good stock availability and support.

  7. 31 bucks for the vigilon? !@#!$#$%!!!!! that US. Dollars? Believe its too overpriced

  8. John Doe,

    The retail prices shown here are in Singapore $SGD dollars.

    Yes... in comparison, buyers in the States pay much less for their Nerf blasters. :)

  9. wait...what are SGD dollars? sorry, i'm only 12...

  10. John Doe,

    $SGD = Singapore Dollars.

    As mentioned throughout this site, the information is for Nerf in Singapore.

    For more information about Singapore: