Friday, August 19, 2011

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Review!

Spearheading the Nerf Vortex Series is the Nerf Vortex Praxis!

The Nerf Praxis uses a spring powered launcher mechanism that fires foam discs. It uses a removable magazine with an ammo capacity of 10 x foam discs.

Prime the blaster via its pump-action grip, then pull the trigger to fire a shot. Repeat the priming process to fire each shot.

The foam discs comprise of a flexible silicone rubber cap shaped core with a ring of soft foam surrounding it. Nerf refers to this foam disc design as "XLR Tech".

The blaster comes packaged with 10 x Vortex foam discs.

It also has a tactical rail which is compatible with N-Strike accessories, along with a removable shoulder stock which is compatible with N-Strike blasters too.

Average stock range is around 55-65ft.

For internal photos of the Nerf Vortex Praxis, click Here.

Available at most major dept stores in Singapore.
Retail Price: SGD$46.90.


Nerf Vortex Praxis - Box (Front)

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Box (Back)

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Contents

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Assembled

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Angled View

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Magazine Release Switch

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Vortex Foam Discs

Nerf Vortex Praxis - 10-Disc Magazine

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Tactical Rail Compatibility with N-Strike Accessories

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Compatible with Nerf Recon Shoulder Stock

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Compatible with Nerf Raider Shoulder Stock

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Shoulder Stock Fitted on Nerf Recon

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Vortex Praxis - Demo & Range Test Video

Nerf Vortex Praxis at


  1. Wow! Does it have slam fire?

  2. D.E.C / soloz1,

    Nope, no slam-fire. :)

  3. Ok, here is my question: are you going to mod this and if so are you going to post something so we can check it out see what you did and if you increased the range and on top of the range anything else that could be done to the gun?

  4. KathelilisJenkins,

    Yes, i've already modded all my Vortex Series blasters with aftermarket torque springs and further enhancements. I'm currently testing and refining the mods to make sure they are efficient and reliable.

    I'll be posting up mod guides for the blasters soon.

  5. dude, thanks for the reviews, man..will be good if u can let us know where to get suitable torque springs in ur upcoming reviews..thanks again!!=)

  6. Ware do you get these guns!!!!

  7. does the priming handle have a return spring like the maverick? or do you have to push it forward like a recon?

  8. zachyrr,

    The priming handle does not have a return spring, it has to be manually pushed forward as that is the movement sequence that loads the foam disc.

  9. Here's a question: Do the discs curve when you shoot?
    Also, do the guns jam as much as the nstrike?

  10. Java Programmer,

    Depending on the angle of the blaster barrel when its fired, the foam discs do sometimes curve abit in flight.

    So far, i've not experienced any jamming issues with these Vortex blasters.

  11. First of all, I don't mean this to sound harsh. I think that you should really consider calling these posts something besides a "review". There isn't really any reviewing of the product going on. Maybe "Un-boxing and test fire" would be a better title. When I come to a site looking for a review I expect to hear the "reviewer's" opinion so that it helps me become a better informed buyer. However, your "reviews" do nothing but show me the details of each blaster and then a short test-fire. If you wanted to start providing your opinion I am sure we would all be more than welcome to read/hear it.

  12. Kale Little,

    Well, my reviews are done in an objective style, i post up what the product does and its features along with photos of those features.

    I don't usually give polarizing opinions in my review content because i don't want to cloud the actual useful information with my own personal views, my intention is mainly to create a source of reference for readers.

    Its up to readers to decide whether the blaster is suitable for them based on the design and features described.

    My objective review style was developed over the years with feedback from site readers, so its catered for those who prefer this kind of review method.

    That being said, if you want to read individual opinions on the product, just check out other blogger reviews or read the the comments... there are usually lots of different opinions from reviewers and readers which you can sift through. :)

  13. Check out my new nerf blog it has only just started so any links would be appreciated...

  14. Hi Sgnerf when will it be released in singapore and where can i buy them at?

  15. quek98,

    Its announced to be available in Singapore from 9th September 2011.

    Read the local launch poster here:

  16. check out the newest nerf website

  17. hi sgnerf, great review. do u know if Singapore will see the Nitron? i searched the stores and they only have the 3 disc launchers (so they are not called blasters anymore? LOL)

  18. Hi Sg nerf, I had heeded your advice and had seen your link on the poster. It depicts the pictures of the new nerf vortex guns,and had also included the day in which nerf vortex guns will be released in Singapore, which is on 9th September 2011. However, I could not find it in the toys r us Singapore website, so could you kindly post up links of shops in Singapore selling nerf vortex guns and also make a trip to find stores presently selling nerf vortex guns too and put it up in your blog? Thanks.

  19. mark loon,

    As mentioned in the official Nerf Vortex Launch Announcement for Singapore, the Nitron will only be available locally from November 2011 onwards.

    You can see the launch info in the Vortex Launch Poster:

  20. quek98,

    Toys R US Singapore website does not list every Nerf blaster that's available at their stores, you'll have to call the branches to check or just visit the stores to shop for the blasters.

    The Nerf Vortex blaster range will be available at most major dept stores that also sell Nerf blasters, just check at the large stores like Metro, OG, Takashimaya etc.

    You can also check the NerfSG forum (, local members post up places where they spot blasters in the "Nerf Stock" section.

  21. Hey SG Nerf! First off, love the blog! Been reading Nerf reviews on here for a long time and I still come back for the latest stuff! :) So, my question is, which of the three Vortex guns (cause I am not buying the nitron, to expensive...) that you've reviewed, in your opinion, is the best? Cause I'm going out and buying one today, and I'm really torn! :P Hope to hear from you soon! :D

  22. Stealthy343,

    In my opinion, the Praxis would be the best amongst the first 3 Vortex blasters for Nerf games... it uses a clip system for higher ammo capacity and uses a pump action priming grip too.

  23. Awesome, it was between that and the Vigilon, thanks a lot!!! :)

  24. I just had to pull my Praxis apart and thicken part of the "disc in the chamber" safety because the slightest amount of warping in the disc prevented that safety from complete clearing. Have you noticed that or is my Praxis potentially "defective"?

  25. KalebPSpector,

    I've not had any such problems with my Praxis units, all have been running perfectly so far. I guess you might just have a peculiar unit that happened to have that issue.

  26. What are the ranges of your modded praxis? thanks.

  27. crazyfornerf,

    So far, my Praxis units modded with stronger custom torsion springs are averaging around 90-100ft ranges, but the stress on the launcher components during priming and firing is very high... so only time will tell if the internals can last under such heavier spring loads. :)

  28. Have you experienced the drop clip issue with your praxis?

  29. FL4Z3,

    As mentioned in my previous comments, i've not had any such problems with my Praxis units, all have been running perfectly so far.

    I guess some units might just be faulty sets and encounter that issue, so its just a matter of luck. Simply exchange it at the store for a new working unit.

  30. Hi Bro SG Nerf, I've also purchased a unit of the vortex praxis.. Brought it back home and tested the range.. It seems like the shots are rather weak curving in a 45 degree angle after 15-17 feet.. I am really sure that the stock guns can fire the disc up to 60 feet? I dun think that they really covers that distance during stock..

  31. Leslie Chua,

    For the Vortex blasters, multiple units have been tested and they could all achieve the 55-65ft average stock ranges.

    In properly working units, the discs should be firing out in a flat position and parallel to the ground (not at an angle).

    There will usually be a slight curve in the flight path but they should not be flying out at steep sideways angles (that could indicate something amiss with the launcher systems or discs).

    Make sure you aim the blaster straight (not canted left or right) and parallel to ground (not pointing lower).

    Its also a possibility that you might have somehow got a faulty unit, maybe you should just exchange it at the store for a new one and see if it works better.

  32. I've done a mod on the praxis and moved the spring location from the middle slot to th 3rd slot.. Seems like the perfomance is getting better now..

  33. I purchased another proton last sat, left it at stock and did a test against the modified praxis.. And the proton is really very powerful.. The shots from the stock proton fires alot more straight than the modified praxis.. And covers the same range as the modified praxis. Does your proton fires better than the praxis?

  34. Leslie Chua,

    Well, i've tested multiple sets of the each of the Vortex blaster models and they all averaged around the same ranges.

    As with most Nerf blasters, there can be variations in parts fit or quality control between individual units (even from the same production batch, these are just plastic toys after all), so performance amongst individual units can sometimes differ noticeably.

    You probably happened to get a lower-performing Praxis, but got a better-than-average Proton... so i guess it all depends on luck :)

  35. sgnerf,my praxis has a prob, when i cock it back, and waited for like 2 sec,and when i pressed the trigger, it wouldn't fire the disc

  36. Fury Falcon,

    I've not encountered that before... but it sounds like your blaster has internal parts that are mis-aligned and causing the issue.

    You could open it up and try to troubleshoot the problem, though it'll be much easier to just exchange it at the store for a new working unit.

  37. oh S***, i think i cant do that as i wrote my initials on the discs

  38. I am afraid of buying praxis.. I am scared it is spoilt or not in perfect condition. Well i know it depends on luck though.. So many probs.. Is there any part of SG where u can at least get a higher chance for a good and fine praxis? Which is the most worth vortex model? Like vilgon or praxis.. and why?

  39. arief irfan,

    As mentioned many times, its all up to your luck.

    If you are really that worried, then just get it from the major dept stores that have a product exchange policy. Make sure you keep the receipt, so if you happen to get a faulty unit, you can exchange it for a new working set.

    Get the Praxis, it is clip-fed and uses a pump-action priming system = higher ammo capacity and more efficient handling.

  40. Thanks for the advice. Do you know any other nerf guns coming out in future which would be a better bet than praxis. I've see youtube videos on nerf which shows a whole of range that was not released at sg?why? I am waiting for more products to be released as i want to use my savings on a good nerf gun.

  41. arief irfan,

    Well, from my experience there is no "best" blaster model, every blaster has it's own unique features, along with pros and cons. It just depends on which features you like and suit your gameplay style.

    There will always be new models being released so just keep a lookout for news of them to see if they appeal to you.

    Btw, most of the latest Nerf blaster models are actually available in Singapore, it just depends on whether they're still in stock or not.

  42. I bought praxis but the stock and the gun the connection is it meant to be slightly loose?? cuz mine can shake :( ?? i used my raider cs-35 stock and connected with the praxis and was also a little shakey.. but u cant pull it out

  43. arief irfan,

    The shoulder stock connections on my units are quite secure, they're not loose.

    I guess you might have just got a set with some manufacturing variation, perhaps you could just exchange it at the store for a new one.

  44. hey sgnerf pls answer this fast pleaseeeee.
    wat will happen if a disk is loaded upside down and waht will happen when u try to cock it? Will it be a jam that u can unjam by using the jam release or will it shoot? and what will happen if u pull the jam release button and insert the disc correct side up and upside down into the front barrel without the magazine? pls answer...

  45. rubesh's nerf,

    If the vortex foam disc is loaded upside down, there is a safety mechanism inside the Praxis that will prevent it from being primed.

    Even if any jams do occur, just push the jam release button (on the right side of the casing), point the blaster downwards and the stuck disc will drop out of the barrel.

    Its shown in the instruction manual, please read it.

    For everything else, just test and find out.

  46. Heya sg nerf!
    im going to buy a nerf blster in singapore. I have chosen the vortex praxis or the alpha trooper or both. im going to my friend's house for a nerf war and REALLY need a secondary weapon.what should i buy? my budget is SGD$30.

  47. rubesh's nerf,

    Under SGD$30? Get a Nerf Maverick.

  48. i've read all of your vortex reviews, and they all say that the vortex blasters hit 55-65 ft. ranges. My proton lived up to that, but with my vigilon my discs wobble in flight and go like 40 ft. or less PTG. My nitron only hits like 45 ft PTG and about 55 ft ATG. do you have any idea what's up?

    and also, with your vortex range tests, some of them were clearly more powerful. i guess they all fall in the 55-65 ft level, but why not make the nitron 55-60, praxis 60-65, etc..


  49. Lanh, Duc, Joey & Sydney Nguyen-Khoa,

    The Proton, Vigilon and Praxis all use the exact same torsion spring and launcher system. Their vortex discs should travel in a smooth flight path without wobble and achieve similar ranges.

    It could just be production variations in your individual blaster units, these are toys after all.

    I usually get to test out multiple units of the same blasters and from experience, its possible that blasters of the same model from the same store shelf can perform differently. Just depends on luck i guess.

    As for the Nitron, its range is mainly determined by the speed of the motors, so it could be due to the batteries you use or the motors, or just the production variations of that unit.

  50. I've read that the Praxis is indeed able to slam-fire, but in a unique way, please try.

  51. David,

    I know the method you are referring to, it's basically timing the trigger pull each time the priming grip is pushed forward... that method can also be done with blasters like Recons, Deploys, Longstrikes etc too. Just need practice and good co-ordination, though it's not true slam-fire. :)

  52. sg, no you can do it faster.

    first, you cock the thing back
    then, hold the trigger,
    then, push it forward,
    then repeat ten times


    is my praxis defective?

    it sometimes fires like 30-40 ft and curves directly into the ground

    but, it sometimes hits solid 55+ ft shots.

    from ur experience, is my praxis defective?


  53. Lanh, Duc, Joey & Sydney Nguyen-Khoa,

    I guess the inconsistent shot ranges could be due to the foam discs getting increasing worn out and deformed after repeated usage, so that can affect performance and flight characteristics, maybe try using newer foam discs instead.

  54. the discs are one day old!! and its performance is constant 30-40 ft shot now...even worse.

    should i go back to the store and return it? or is there something i'm missing?

  55. Lanh, Duc, Joey & Sydney Nguyen-Khoa,

    Hmmm... that's odd, i guess you could do an exchange and see if there are any differences. Otherwise i have no other ideas why the performance is sub-optimal.

  56. Hey SG,

    Anyways,should I get the praxis or the Alpha TRooper?

    Price and ammo size does not matter. Looks sorta play a part.

    1. Joseph,

      Depends on your gameplay style and which design you like i guess... though most nerfers tend to still go for the N-Strike blasters, 'cos they all use foam darts and clips, easier to swap between existing blasters.

  57. I have a nerf vortex praxis,and it jams.It coking lever won't move (it stays in the middle),the magazine won't go out (I can't take it out)and I can't pull the trigger(no response).Can you please help me?

    Please response soon...

    1. Anonymous,

      I've not encountered that before, so i can't really help much.

      I guess you'll just have to open up the casing and troubleshoot the issue. Most likely something is out of place or perhaps broken.

    2. I has tried that,which failed,because the internals are very complex! :( Can you help me which one to open so that I can view the internals of the internals?

    3. Anonymous,

      Sorry man, i've already traded away all my Vortex blasters (i don't use them anyways), so can't really help on their troubleshooting issues anymore.

  58. SG Nerf!Are you very rich that you can buy and unboxed all nerf gun available on Singapore?

    1. Anonymous,

      Not all... just most. They are mainly toys for my kids anyways, i only review them briefly beforehand. :)

  59. Hey Sgnerf my praxis shoulder stock kinda seem to be bent that a defective unit or just that most praxises have bending stocks like mine???

    1. Anonymous,

      It shouldn't be bent... though maybe some units might have slight manufacturing variations in their parts fit. I guess you could exchange it at the store for a new unit.

  60. I'd like to mention that I'm in love with this gun. I own the Sonic Series Praxis and two ten rond clips.
    (Toys r' Us is currently selling the whole Sonic line for 25% off here in the states. And you get a free bag of ammo with any blaster purchase.)
    There are several features about the Sonic Praxis that I like. Number one, priming the blaster has a very iconic shotgun feel as it gives a very distinct sound. Number two, the clear plastic allows you to see exactly how many discs are in the clip. Number three, you can actually load an eleventh disc by insering the clip, chambering th first round, removing the clip, and inserting the eleventh disc. And number four, the rate of fire this blaster achieves is rather high considering it lacks the "slam-fire" feature of several other pump action models.
    So all in all, this is my new favorite blaster just beating out the Alpha Trooper because it's a little more aestetically pleasing to my style. (I'm 6'3" and so the Trooper can sometimes feel a little small in my long arms.)