Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nerf N-Force Vendetta - Review!

Get into Dual-Bladed Side-Swiping Spin-Twirling Action!

The Nerf Vendetta is a N-Force foam sword design that utilizes the concept of 2 foam "blades", it can be combined into a 4.5ft length "mega blade" or detached to form 2 separate swords.

The dual-blade attachment mechanism uses a spring loaded twist-and-click system.

Its indeed the ideal N-Force foam melee weapon of choice for avid fans of Ray Park (aka Darth Maul)! :)


Nerf N-Force Vendetta - Box (Front)

Nerf N-Force Vendetta - Box (Back)

Nerf N-Force Vendetta - Un-Boxed

Nerf N-Force Vendetta - Handle Detail

Nerf N-Force Vendetta - Blade Detail

Nerf N-Force Vendetta - Scale Comparison with Nerf Marauder (vs Individual Blades)

Nerf N-Force Vendetta - Scale Comparison with Nerf Marauder (vs Combined Mega Blade)

Awesome! :)

Nerf N-Force Vendetta at Amazon.com


Here is a Darth Maul action video for "inspiration"...


  1. small kid,

    As mentioned in my review, Nerf N-Force is not available in Singapore, i ordered my set from eBay.

  2. Are the blades composed of foam with the likeness of the marauder, or the lower quality smaller swords such as the shadow force?

  3. Itsover9000,

    The Vendetta's blades are softer than those found on the earlier production Marauders (though the recent production batch of Marauders seem to be made of softer and lighter foam too).

  4. Do you think you could post a size comparison with the Warlock or the Shadow Force? I've been real interested in these since I heard of em, but I don't think I'll be use em well if they're too short individually. Thanks, love the blog!

  5. Lord Overlord,

    Unfortunately, i don't have a N-Force Warlock or Shadow Force to do a scale comparison with it. :)

  6. these look awesome i found out about these a couple of days ago when i was internet shopping to buy myself a marauder and have been drooling over them ever since but when are we going to see them over on the western hemisphere i'm seeing everybody blog about them in singapore so when is the vendetta going to hit retail shelves in america? Big fan of the page btw!!

  7. SG Nerf doesn't have something? *gasp* ;-)

  8. zarMekuL22,

    They seem to be already available in the States, i got my set from a eBay seller from USA.

    I guess it depends on whether the stores in your area stock them. You'll just have to shop around to find them. :)

  9. Itsover9000,

    Yeah, my Nerf collection is actually very small, i only keep blasters and stuff that i actually use in Nerf games, and perhaps some classic blasters... the rest that i don't use i usually just sell or trade away. :)

  10. AWESOME!! got me a set of vendetta blades stateside...glad i found this website or i would have never knew it existed thanks SG Nerf!! :D

  11. awesome i am goin to buy this is it really that good

  12. can i know what's the buyder id? because i can't find one that ships to singapore.

  13. Inuyasha,

    I got my sets from an individual seller on eBay (not a shop), you'll just have to keep searching to find other sellers that are able to ship worldwide.