Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nerf Stampede Official Singapore Launch Event!

Get ready for the Nerf Stampede Official Singapore Launch!

Date: 9th-13th September 2010

Country: Singapore

Location: Takashimaya Department Store, Level 3, Toys Dept

Look out for other Nerf Special Buys from 1st to 15th September 2010 too!


  1. Erm what the meaning of other nerf special buy?Th nerf stampede will be sale on 9-13 109dolla?

  2. timothy,

    There will be special promotional deals and/or prices on various Nerf blasters at the event.

    Yup, the Nerf Stampede will be officially launched on the 9th September 2010 and it will be retailing at SGD$109.90.

  3. WOW, i really can't wait to see how this gun holds up...

  4. damn that's about $115 here in New Zealand... add the shipping and mark-up to that and it's really expensive... I had better start saving.
    The Stampede probably won't even get here until january. We only got the longstrike about a month or two ago.
    this'll be worth the wait though.

  5. Wow. the survival rate for Nerf game is getting really hard...LOL

  6. I did write the site where the photos came from, but thank you for your help! I think we can make a big partnership for have more acess, because im in brazil and you in Singapore and you could help me in the beginning of my blog? I dont know how to put my blog in the search sites. Could you teach me? Sorry for my bad english. :)

  7. Gabriel e Marco,

    Well, i've never actually put my sites on any specific search engines, they just gradually appear more often on searches as more people read it.

    Make your site a source of useful information for people to refer to... you need to have new and unique information on your site for people to be interested in.

    Its all about unique content.

    Most sites don't work because they are just filled with re-posted, copied or referenced articles from other sites, people can already read the original articles on the other sites so why read an incomplete re-posted/copied version?

    Do your own blaster reviews with your own photos (invest in a good camera), post local Nerf news and blaster updates for your country market, then you'll have content that people will be interested to read on your site.

  8. does it come with 3-18dart clip and 1-6dart clip and 60 darts?

    cos' it says 4 clips and 60 darts

  9. lohweijie95,

    As mentioned in the official Nerf Stampede Press Release:

    The Nerf Stampede is packaged with 3 x 18-dart extended clips, 1 x 6-dart clip, 60 x streamline darts, pop-out bipod and blast shield.

  10. will the alpha trooper cs18 come out during this period.............?

  11. if I were to buy either a Longstrike or recon which one should I buy?
    Bcoz I can buy 2 guns.1 should be stampede the 2ND is either
    Longstrike or recon. BTW, what happens if the stampede runs out of stock in takashimaya? will it be avalible in any other shops on that day?

  12. BoBBy,

    At this point in time, no news yet of Nerf Alpha Trooper stock availability in Singapore.

  13. rubesh's nerf,

    Well, since you are getting a Stampede, if the choice is between a Longstrike or Recon, i'd say go for the Recon 'cos it could be used in compact pistol form and would be suitable as a sidearm to your Stampede.

    The Stampede will be officially launched on 9th September 2010 and stock will be available at most major dept stores in Singapore too.

  14. rubesh's nerf,

    Longshots were available in Singapore stores but they have since been sold out.

    You could still order them from overseas or check at the NerfSG forum trading section and find local members who have Longshot sets for sale.

  15. hey do you organize nerf battles?
    where are they held?

  16. I didnt mean in terms of mission uses. I meant in terms of collection

  17. Will the stampede be selling frm 1sep till 15 sep?

  18. Is the stampede coming for Indonesia? I am now living in Indonesia and I really want this stampede!

  19. ali,

    Yup, Nerf games in Singapore are usually organised at places like parks, outdoor courts or indoor sports halls. The details and rules of upcoming games are posted up on the NerfSG forum "Nerf War" section.

    Players who are keen can register their interest in the Nerf game thread and simply turn up at the game area at the stated date and time to participate. :)

  20. Is the stampede coming for Indonesia?
    I am now living in Indonesia and I really want this stampede!

  21. rubesh's nerf,

    Oic... if you are only getting them for collection or display, then i guess it all depends on which blaster design you personally like better. :)

  22. NerfFan98,

    The Nerf Stampede will be officially launched on 9th September 2010.

    As mentioned in the above event details, between 1st-15th September there will be special deals on the current Nerf blaster range at Takashimaya.

  23. Rockz,

    I've no idea of the Nerf Stampede stock availability in Indonesia... i guess you could just check with the dept stores around your area for more info on it.

  24. Alright.. Thanks for the reply though

  25. Alpha trooper is In the states at target and the clear recon comes with red bullets at target.

  26. Thx but still 1 mre qs : if the special price is helding from 1sept till 15sept, will i get to buy the stampede from 9sept till 13spet with the special price?

  27. NerfFan98,

    Interestingly, the Nerf Stampede is now available at Takashimaya Dept Store in Singapore. Check out my latest update! :)

  28. can you pls help me check where can i get stampede in Singapore around the west? thank you!!

  29. Yan Sheng,

    I'm not too familiar with the shopping centers in the west side, but i guess you could check at the large malls in that area like Jurong Point or Lot 1.

  30. Can we find nerf longshot in singapore?

    1. Anonymous,

      Longshots have already been sold out locally for quite a while, you'll have to find them from overseas or online stores.