Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nerf Stampede ECS - Instruction Manual!

The Nerf Stampede ECS Instruction Manual is now available at the Hasbro/Nerf site.

Photo: Hasbro/Nerf 2010

Source: Nerf Stampede ECS Instruction Manual PDF Link


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  2. Zack,

    Sure, i've added your blog link to my blog list. :)

  3. i want know if the stampide can ve opered manualy like the else?

  4. nicolas arenas rozo,

    As detailed in my Nerf Stampede review:

    Its firing system is fully motorised, there is no manual priming mechanism (without any batteries, it cannot fire). The bolt will complete a full firing cycle everytime before coming to a stop in the breech open position, therefore clips can be loaded and unloaded anytime.

    The Stampede can fire in full auto or in bursts, depending on the duration of trigger pulls. Firing single shots at a time can also be done by simply pulling the trigger briefly and letting go, the firing mechanism will fire a shot, return back to the breech open position and stop. Its all in the timing of the trigger pulls.

  5. Why does nerf call the magazines clips? Clips are racks of bullets that are inserted in the gun like the M1 Garand or like the Springfield 03. A magazine loaded system would be like the nerf clip system or any kind of box loading feed system.

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  7. What to do when my stampede won't fire? New batteries, New darts, the bolt drives forward to pul/load but there's no firing/pump action.

    1. Anonymous,

      Sounds like you got a faulty set, just exchange it at the store for a new working unit.