Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - Review!

Check out the Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6!

This limited edition model is part of Nerf's "Clear Series" range of blasters.

In terms of overall operation and performance, the clear Recon is the same as the normal Recon. The main difference is in its transparent casing and rail attachments.

For a full review of the Nerf Recon CS-6, click Here.


Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - Box (Front)

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - Box (Back)

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - Un-Boxed

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - Contents

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - Assembled

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - N-Strike Attachment Compatibility

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - With Clear Clip (Sold Seperately)

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 - Display

Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6 at


  1. does anyone know when the clear raider will be available in the US?

  2. hey wait... do you have the clear raider? man i hope it hurries up and comes to the US... i really want it

  3. bob,

    Yup, check out my review of the Clear Series Raider here:

  4. I have heard that the "clear series" Deploy doesn't perform as well as the normal one, is this true? Is the limited edition clear maverick thew same as the clear series one?

  5. Agent,

    I've tested multiple sets of clear Deploys and their performance on average were found to be around the same as normal Deploys.

    There are always "manufacturing variations" between individual units, so if someone finds that their particular unit seems to be under-performing, it doesn't mean that the entire model batch is the same.

    It basically depends on luck whether one gets a good (or not-so-good) unit out of the box. :)

  6. What are the average ranges WITH the barrel on, and is the nerf alpha trooper available in Canada? (no target in Canada)

  7. Oscar,

    Similar to the normal Nerf Recon, with the front barrel attached, the range is generally abit less, around 20-25ft. Without the front barrel, range is abit better at around 25-30ft.

    I've no idea of Nerf stock availability in Canada.

  8. I've heard from friends that the Recon tends to tear your darts after prolong use, is that true?

  9. James Horace,

    Well, i've not noticed any significant difference when compared with other Nerf blasters so far. Foam darts naturally wear out after prolonged use anyways.

  10. Is there anyway to protect darts from this shredding? My friend recommended taping around the dart as an added protection and he says it seems to work. Any other suggestions?

  11. James Horace,

    I guess putting tape around the foam darts can help reduce the general wear and tear during usage too, some Nerf enthusiasts do that to prolong the lifespan of their foam darts.

  12. How much it cost and can it fit with velcrO darts?

  13. skyzzz,

    Refer to this list:

    It is not designed to use Tagger foam darts, only Streamline foam darts.

  14. Hey, how much do they cost?