Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - Review!

Check out another limited edition blaster model from the Nerf "Clear Series" range.

The Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35!

The clear Raider has the same overall operation and performance as the normal Raider. Its main differences are the transparent casing and rail attachments and drum magazine.

For a full review of the Nerf Raider CS-35, click Here.


Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - Box (Front)

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - Box (Back)

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - Un-Boxed

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - Contents

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - Assembled

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - N-Strike Attachment Compatibility

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - With Clear Clip (Sold Seperately)

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 - Display

Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35 at


  1. :O :O :O U R SOOOOO LUCKY TO HAVE THIS!!! did it just come to singapore bc i am trying to estimate hen it will get here to the US

  2. bob,

    Nope, the clear Raider is not available in Singapore stores yet. I got mine from across the border at Malaysia stores.

    The clear Raider should also be available in the States very soon, just keep a lookout for them appearing on store shelves.

  3. ok thanks because the other 4 have been on the shelf and was just curious as to where the raider was...

  4. Question

    sometimes clear plastic tends to be slippery so i was just wondering if that apllies to the clear series ?

    nerf depot

  5. nerf depot,

    Well, i've not experienced any additional "slippery-ness" with the clear Raiders, so i guess (to me) their surfaces feel pretty much the same as the normal Raiders.

  6. It's depressing... These came to my local Wal-mart only a week or two after I bought the regular Raider.

  7. Was it primed when you got it out of the box? i can see the plunger sticking out...

  8. Paolo,

    You're right, thats very observant... looks like the plunger is in the primed position while still in the box.

    I have checked with another clear Raider set thats still in the box and found that unit has the plunger in the unprimed position.

    So it looks like the unit i reviewed had been primed at the factory before being packed, not good for the stock spring i guess. Luckly it still works well during tests.

    Anyways, i've already replaced the stock spring with a stronger aftermarket spring so its not a big issue to me. :)

  9. Hey
    I just got the raider and it does not seem to get jamed alot.I like the clear much more than regular raider.
    But my package only came with 33 darts
    please tell me if its ment to
    im hoping to get the nerf stampede ecs for christmas

  10. AU nerf,

    Nerf Raider box sets are all supposed to come with 35 streamline darts (or 70 streamline darts for bonus box sets).

    Your set is probably missing 2 darts either from factory mistakes when packing or someone opened it before you got it.

  11. Dear SGNerf,

    I wanted a Normal Raider as my first Nerf gun, unfortunately Parkson Kota Bharu does not have any normal Raiders in store, so I bought a clear one.

    But, that's not my problem,
    My problem is;
    1.When I used my Raider for about a day, the trigger and the pump gets hard and my hand and fingers hurt. Do you have any recommendations, like oiling it to make it less.... hard?

    2. I watched a video on YouTube about pasting Velcro patches on Streamline Darts, but which side should I paste the patch (Loops or Hooks)?

    3.What adhesive should I use to do so? I once repaired my cheap mouse with super glue, but the plastic somewhat melted. Maybe PVC glue should do?

    Thank you for your help and sorry for so many questions, SGNerf.

  12. Musta,

    One solution to your first question: Exercise more, hit the gym, build up some arm and finger muscles. :)

    Seriously though, if you find that your Raider's priming and trigger system is somehow getting jammed up, it might be due to mis-aligned parts. So you might have to open it up to check and re-align the parts properly.

    To attach velcro to streamline darts, use the "hook" side so that they can attach to Dart Tag vests which are made with the "loop" side.

    You should use glue which is safe for plastic, general purpose adhesives like UHU glue would be okay.

  13. Thanks, SGNerf for your answers.

    1. But, I still don't get it, about the mis-aligned thing. Care to explain more?

    2. Are the Velcro attached to dart tag darts differ to normal Velcros? I read the article about the dart at and it said that "the Velcro patch can stick to most clothing material". Even so, I tested Velcro patches on a variety of my clothes but it does not stick. Why?

    Thanks, SGNerf.

  14. And, FYI, I think you misunderstood about my first question. What I'm talking about is, right after I unboxed the gun, the plunger/handle was smooth, but after a period of usage, (5-7 days) I found out that I need more muscle to prime the gun, unlike when I test fire at the store.

  15. Musta,

    Well, one or more of the components inside your Raider could have popped out of place or got bent during usage, so it might be interfering with the priming action and thus requiring more effort.

    I guess the only way to solve it is to open up the casing and try to check the parts and troubleshoot the issue.

    The velcro used on Tagger dart tips are about the same as normal velcro that you can buy from hardware stores... whether the velcro can stick on clothes or not depends on the clothes materials too, not every cloth material can stick to velcro.

    The important thing is that the velcro you use can stick on Dart Tag vests (which are made of the velcro "loops" side), so use Dart Tag vests to test the velcro, not clothes.

  16. Thanks, SGNerf.

    Sooo.... I guess I have got only one more problem... I don't have a dart tag vest.....


  17. So, SGNerf,

    Can you please tell me where you get all those guns for review? You already stated that most of the guns are from Malaysian borders, local SG stores, and online stores. Do you have any other sources of where you got all those guns?

  18. Oh, I forgot to ask you this,

    I am holding my Clear Raider here as we speak, and I noticed a.... umm... I dunno what to call this.... It's a hole, a cavity, at the end of the trigger handle. What is it for? Is it really for clipping the Secret Strike?

  19. Musta,

    Well, if you don't have dart tag vests then not much point in making velcro tipped foam darts anyways. :)

    On the subject of sources to get Nerf blasters, i also trade with sellers at various Nerf forums and on eBay to obtain rare or classic blasters that are not available in stores anymore.

    The hole at the bottom of the Raider's trigger handle is to store an additional spare streamline dart, that feature is mentioned in the Raider's instruction manual.

  20. Another question. (Sorry if this annoys you, man, I'm a really curious guy.)

    Is there any way to remove the drum attacher? I was thinking about making it a gun that can be fully disassembled. Y'know, like a hitman, where you open your attache case and assemble your gun with style... XD

    And sorry, I don't mean the hole, I meant the thing under the trigger handle... uhh... what's it called.... The one next to the hole...

    BTW, I knew that the hole is meant for an extra dart, and I tried to insert a streamline dart there. I ALMOST GOT IT STUCK IN THERE, AND I THOUGHT I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE IT AGAIN.

  21. Musta,

    The Raider's clip feed support can be made to be removable. Simply open up the casing, unscrew the support to detach it from the casing, trim the locking catches and then it should be removable on demand.

    Note that the clip feed support might end up loose after modding it, so you'll probably have to secure it with quick release buckles of some sort.

    The loop at the back of the trigger handle is for attaching slings or straps for easier carrying (or to hook on any other items).

  22. Thanks man! You're the second best Singaporean after Gurmit Singh!!! :D

  23. Hey guys. I got a clear raider yesterday!!! Anyways, SG Nerf, which do you think looks better, the clear, yellow or blue. Just give your opinion. Frankly, I think the blue looks nicer.

    Anyway, not the point. Do any of you find that your Raider's pump-handle sometimes lock it the middle if you don't slide(or pump) it hard enough?

    Oh and, I figured out why does Nerf put holes underneath the handle for some Nerf guns eg.Recon and Raider. If you care about the spring, then you won't leave the gun cocked. But when you cock the gun half-way to re-insert the clip, it'll be considered cocked. Then when you put the clip in, the gun is still cocked. So naturally, you'll fully cock it and shoot. But what'll happen to that dart which was shot? No where to put(Unless if you put it into a place where you keep other darts)... But with the holes, you can insert the dart in it. And before a battle, just take out the clip and re-insert the dart. Cool huh?

    P.S. My aunt from Singapore got it at Takashimaya. Not sure if there's any left. She said a new shipment just arrived a few days ago. Happy hunting.

  24. I tend to lose my darts so....

    can you please tell me:

    1. How much would a streamline dart ammo box costs?
    2. How much would a suction dart ammo box costs?
    3. How much would a 36pk streamline dart refill costs?
    4. How much would a 16pk streamline dart refill costs?
    5. Is there any other clip pack that can be bought other than by buying the Flip Clip, other Nerf blasters or the Bandolier Kit?
    6. How much would a primary Nerf firearm (shotgun, rifles, SMGs, Machine Guns, etc) costs in average?

    Please state the Malaysian prices, in RM, and the availability in Malaysia, since I live in Malaysia.

  25. Musta,

    If you are still not aware by now, i live in Singapore and i'm not familiar with the latest prices and stock availability in M'sia.

    You should be asking the M'sia Nerf enthusiasts and hobby groups about prices and stock over there.

  26. Well, thanks anyway. You're a big help, SGNerf!!

  27. Request from a fan (me) :

    Would you please review the Secret Strike AS-1 in your blog, please?

  28. Musta,

    Sure, when i get around to getting one.


    SGNerf, I've recently opened up my Raider to examine the mechanics, on how it works, etc, etc. It's been quite a habit for me each and every time I buy a new toy. The problem is... There's a part of my Raider that I forgot and don't know where to put. Help please?

    P/S: If you need some snapshots, I'll need a place to send it to. Maybe your email, or a forum page?

    A 2nd P/S: After the part has been removed, the range goes down, tremendously. Rarely the range goes normal. And, I noticed, when I fire a dart, the plunger makes a "Bakkfhd" sound rather than the "Thangg" sound.

  30. Uhm, forgot to ask, About Streamline Darts, during battle, Players often accidentally step on or sit on darts, making them squished and flat. I need a way to re-expand the material so I can reuse the darts. (Refill Packs are expensive here!!!!!Stupid exchange rates....) Can you help? Please?

  31. Musta,

    Maybe you can refer to the Raider internals parts positions in my mod guide:

    Check the pop-up blocker plate (just in front of the clip, under the front barrel), its the piece that blocks the dart when it is being chambered. If it is missing, the dart wouldn't chamber properly and performance will decrease alot.

    As for streamline darts getting bent and squashed out of shape, you could try wrapping them with tape but they still wouldn't be as good as when they are brand new.

    I guess you just have to either conserve your ammo, or custom make your own foam darts.

  32. I found out that the missing piece is the piece that holds the pop-up blocker plate. And I also discovered what makes the range sucks is the fact that the air sealing o-ring is out of shape. And by that, I mean, too large, thus rubbing the rubber off during priming and firing. So, when the o-ring isn't there, you know what will happen. What size of the o-ring should I get? what mm in diameter?

  33. Musta,

    The plunger o-ring for the Raider is around 17-18mm in diameter, you'll have to try out various o-rings of those dimensions to find the ones that can provide the best plunger air seal.

  34. I tried and bought a pair of 18 mm diameter o-ring, but it's kinda... 'tight' to slide the plunger in, so, what should I do? I think I should get the 17 mm one, but my dad thinks I should just oil the o-ring. Will that work? PLZZZZZ answer.

  35. Musta,

    You can try applying good quality synthetic grease to see if it helps, make sure it is safe for rubber o-rings.

    But like i mentioned, you'll have to try out various o-rings to find the ones that can provide the best plunger air seal.

  36. I bought two new o-rings (stated that the last two is a failure). I tried them on, one by one before buying, none of them works. So, I took this one; one too small for the Raider plunger. I pick this one because the ones that fit perfectly are too thick. I need a thin one, but the thin ones are too large in diameter. I found out the small, thick one fits well, although not that good. It goes well, but the range decreased because there's too much friction between the o-ring and the plunger, which makes the.... easy to say, I need a stronger spring. Thank you very much SGNerf for all the help. You've been really supportive. I'll recommend your blog to my nerfer friend.

  37. I just stumbled on this blog post while trying to find a parts diagram for the Raider. Your link to the Mod Works guide in the comments was helpful. Thanks. :)

  38. Whick is bigger between clear raider cs-35 and raider cs-35?Whick is Solid and better?

    1. Tony,

      Both are the same size and perform the same, the only difference is their casing material and color.

      It just depends on which color you prefer.

    2. The Clear Series Raider actually gets more range than the normal one but if you slam-fire it too hard the internals might break(weaker plastic inside). Got it from Nerf Wikia.