Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Singapore - Finals!

The official Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Competition Finals is here!

The Top 25 scorers from the first 2 days of competition and Top 5 scorers from the today's competition returned to battle in the Finals round from 6-8 pm.

Scores were reset, so all finalists competed from the same base point. Competition was intense and all 30 finalists put in their best efforts to score the most points.

The Top 4 players from the Finals round then proceeded on to a Grand Final round where scores are reset again and they battled once again for the Top 4 prizes.

At the end of the competition, the Nerf Mission Zone 2010 winners were announced to cheers and applause from crowds of fans and supporters!

Congratulations to all the Winners and Finalists of the Nerf Mission Zone 2010!

Here is the Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Competition Prize List:

- SGD$800 Cash
- Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Gold Medal
- Mounted Gold Maverick Display
- Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35
- Nerf "Clear Series" Recon CS-6
- Nerf Barrel Break IX-2

1st Runner-Up
- SGD$500 Cash
- Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Silver Medal
- Mounted Silver Maverick Display
- Nerf "Clear Series" Raider CS-35
- Nerf Barrel Break IX-2

2nd Runner-Up
- SGD$300 Cash
- Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Bronze Medal
- Mounted Bronze Maverick Display
- Nerf "Clear Series" Deploy CS-6
- Nerf Barrel Break IX-2

3rd Runner-Up
- SGD$150 Cash
- Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Copper Medal
- Mounted Copper Maverick Display
- Nerf "Clear Series" Deploy CS-6
- Nerf Barrel Break IX-2

4th - 30th Runner-Ups
- Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Medal
- Nerf Barrel Break IX-2

Photos of the Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Competition Prizes:

And here are the Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Winners & Finalists!

Congratulations to Hasbro Singapore for organising the official Nerf Mission Zone 2010 event to promote the Nerf brand in Singapore, it was indeed a great success!

A Big "Thank You" to all the organising staff for putting in their time and effort setting up this official Nerf event! :)


  1. Did you win anything, SGNerf?

  2. John,

    Nope, my scores were too low to even qualify for Finals. Imho, its quite a challenge shooting targets with stock Nerf blasters.

    The winners and finalists definitely had way better target shooting skills. :)

  3. Chriz,

    Yup, i participated in the Mission Zone competition too.

  4. VersatileChicken,

    No idea of the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 local pricing yet, guess we'll know when it appears in stores.

  5. Aw, to bad you didnt place in the finals... I thought that you would win something. How far away were the targets from you at the farthest point?

  6. The Barrel Break IX-2 on display were not for sale?

  7. SGNerf,which day were u there? Might hv bumped into u if u were in the late afternoon slot on saturday. I was there from 4 till late :)

  8. John,

    To match the stock Nerf blasters used in the Mizzion Zone, the furthest targets were around at the 30ft distance.

  9. KY1977,

    The Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 sets were exclusive prizes for the Nerf Mission Zone 2010 finalists.

    It is not sold in local stores yet, but will be appearing in stores very soon.

  10. gguppyy,

    I popped by the event on all 3 days, though didn't stay the whole day, just a few hours each time. :)

  11. SgNerf,

    there's this little boy in green who out gun most of the adults , did he win in the end?

  12. gguppyy,

    The boy in the green shirt got 1st Runner-Up (2nd place) in the Grand Finals round.

    He played well, all of the Top 4 finalists had very close scores.

  13. Hello sgnerf, teneis a lot of luck in which hasbro singapur organizes events of nerf, on the other hand spain(I am Spanish) it never organizes events of nerf,you have a lot of luck, asin of that take advantage.

  14. SG Nerf,
    I know this is off topic but is the 9/9/10 blaster officially called the Stampede ECS-50? If so do you know how it shoots 50 darts?

  15. Nerfr500,

    Yes, the "Stampede" name has been confirmed by Nerf on their official facebook page to be the name of the 9.9.10 blaster.

    But the full designation and actual specs of the blaster have yet to be confirmed officially.

    We'll just have to keep a lookout for the official announcements from Nerf, it'll be quite soon since the official launch is just weeks away. :)

  16. Will there be one of these in the U.S. anytime soon???

  17. Codmister,

    Well, in the USA, Nerf organises the Nerf Dart Tag League (NDTL) which is currently in its 2nd year of operation.

    Check out the NDTL site:

  18. thats me in the brown & white striped shirt