Friday, June 18, 2010

Nerf Tactical Vest Kit - Preview! has updated their Nerf N-Strike Tactical Vest Kit product page with new photos!

Check 'em out:

Very interesting to see the new Clear N-Strike Clips!

Imho, ideal match with the new Clear Blaster Series.

The kit even includes a holster for pistol-sized blasters like the Nerf Maverick too! :)

Nerf Tactical Vest Kit - Product Link @


  1. Holy Smokes! This is blankety blank blank blankin awesome! I peed my pants in excitement.... Thats really cool. There are hints on nerfs Facebook that these will be available in August. I dont see how the clips are clear though...

  2. Very nice, it should be interesting to see when it comes out, I wonder what sizing it will be, or if it will be adjustable

  3. looks awesome! expensive, though. About the same price as a raider! looks like it can hold a maverick.

    Can't wait for 9-9-10!

  4. chidorirasengan,

    Not yet, but it should be avaliable in local stores soon. Keep a lookout for them.

    I'll post a review once i get hold of a set. :)

  5. It looks like Nerf wants us to have more SWAT wars or something. A vest like this could be very beneficial during a war. Can't wait to buy one.

  6. Do you rekon that the vest could hold two guns? And do you think it could hold a switchshot EX-3

  7. Maj. Jay K-V,

    The Nerf Tactical Vest Kit photos seem to only show one included holster so i guess if you need 2 holsters then you'd have to buy a 2nd tactical vest to get another holster... or perhaps just buy a suitable holster/pouch from any Tactical Sports shops around your area. :)

    Not sure if the included holster can fit blasters like the Switch Shot though, i'd have to get a set to properly test them out.

  8. Looks totaly beast. Can't wait! Please post if u find out the release date. If u already know, than plese tell us for god sakes!! I WANT THAT VEST

  9. I cant wait until it comes out! i figured out you can put a maurader nerf sword in the back of it! I have one question that is a little off topic though. Where can i find a blue nerf longshot. I've checked out a bunch of websites and eather the're modded or cost over $100. did it go out of production?

  10. nerfboy423,

    I guess you're not aware yet... yes, Longshots are now out-of-production.

    Due to the increasing rarity of Blue Longshots (especially New-In-Box sets), sellers would usually tend to price them higher.

    I guess we are on the verge of seeing the Longshot becoming a collectors item very soon. :)

  11. I'm sorry I didn't make my self clear, Sg Nerf. i did mean on the back like you would find on Rambo and Command and Conqure Renegade.
    Also it can hold a nerf n-force sword [as seen in the new york kids forever or whatever there called when there advertising the extensive ner range on youtube] on the side. And off subject, has anyone noticed that there have been 2 comfirmed automatic nerf blasters coming out from nerf? I sincerly hope this is the way they are going continue makeing nerf blasters automatic