Friday, June 25, 2010

Nerf Mission Zone 2010 Singapore - Overview!

Today marks the start of the official Nerf Mission Zone 2010 event held at Plaza Singapura (The Drome, Level 1) in Singapore.

This event will span from 25th June - 27th June 2010 (Friday to Sunday).

Nerf Mission Zone competition participants compete to score the highest number of points to win Cash prizes and Nerf products!

The Top 25 scorers from the first 2 days of competition and Top 5 scorers from the 3rd day of competition will return to Battle off in the Finals on Sunday 27th June 2010 from 6-8 pm.

Alongside the Mission Zone competition, there are also demo booths open to the public to test out blasters, and special promotional deals on the latest Nerf blasters.

This event also sees the Singapore launch of the latest Nerf "Clear Series" Deploy CS-6 and Nerf "Clear Series" Nite Finder EX-3!

Here are some photos from the event today:

Visit the official Nerf Mission Zone 2010 event to check out the Mission Zone competition and the new Nerf blasters, along with the special deals on offer! :)


  1. So it last today and tomorow? im not participating but i might want to get some of blaster they are selling there is there anything new?

  2. VersatileChicken,

    Yup, the Nerf Mission Zone 2010 event will be happening this whole weekend.

    The new Nerf blasters launched and avalible there are the Nerf "Clear Series" Deploy and "Clear Series" Nite Finder.

    In addition, there are special promo pricings for various Nerf blasters (ie. SGD$26.90 for Nerf Big Bad Bows etc)... plus exclusive Nerf event gifts that go along with product purchases.

  3. nice i was just there did u go there today? and from what time to whatime i think i went from like 4 - ???? pm =)i got a bigbad bow and i am in the proccess of couplering it =)

  4. SGNerf,
    that sounds really cool! i just wish i live in Singapore! Also, could you do reviews on the new nerf super soakers such as the Rattler and the Shot Blast? Thanks!

  5. Nerfr500,

    I'd be keen to do reviews on the latest Nerf Super Soaker range too... but unfortunately that range is currently not avaliable in Singapore, hence i don't have any to do reviews on.

    Anyone out there keen to send me a few sets? :)

  6. hey guys, just looking around and for any of you interested in the clear series i have a pic of the clear recon:
    most of you have probably seen this already

  7. what other specific blasters are having a promotion??? ^.^

  8. Irsyad,

    If i remember correctly, the Nerf Strikefire 2-player Set is also on promo at SGD$26.90 too.

    Also, the "Clear Series" Deploy is packaged with an additional streamline dart refill pack (16 darts).

    For the other blasters, there are exclusive event gifts that go with each purchase too (ie. Nerf wrist pouch).

  9. Hi SG nerf, are there any upcoming Nerf events around Christmas(2010) in Singapore?

  10. Nerf Meagafan,

    So far i've got no news on any upcoming local official Nerf events being held in December 2010... but if i do receive any information i'll definitely post it up on this site. :)