Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nerf Stonewall Shield & Sword - Preview!

The Nerf N-Force range has been growing rapidly in popularity and most Nerfers have seen the various N-Force swords and axes released since last year.

This particular model is something rather unique that enthusiasts have been keen to check out, ever since information about it popped up online.

Yup, has updated their Nerf N-Force Stonewall Shield & Swordproduct page with a new photo!

For all you N-Force fans out there... you now have shields! :)

Nerf Stonewall Shield & Sword - Product Link @


  1. Looks pretty cool. I wonder how big the whole thing will be.

  2. yay sword and board fighters now have foam weapons.

    as for size you're either looking at a tower shied with an average size nerf sword, or a short sword with a kite shield that should cover most your torso.

    i'm assuming the second one. it might look good paired with the marauder, warlock or battlemaster.
    oh and if you haven't seen it yet the battlemaster mace looks good

  3. Given the size of the rest of the N-Force line I'm gonna guess that sword next to the sheild is more like a dagger than a short sword. Regardless of the size I'm putting this on my insta-get list.

  4. Assuming the dagger handle is the same size as the handles on the Thunder and Shadow Fury, that's a pretty good-sized shield!

  5. I saw it in stores today, looks to be 14-16" long for the entire dagger, shield maybe 18"x14". pointless for most folks unless you want a good parrying blade for fighting florentine style.

  6. Where can I get one of these? I gotta use this as a melee weapon in my wars.

  7. Devon,

    You can order them from online stores like

  8. bryan,

    Its not sold in Singapore, you'll have to order it from overseas or online.

  9. The sword looks different.