Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nerf Barricade RV-10 - Sneak Peek!

Seems like the Taobao website is starting to become the de-facto source for the latest and newest upcoming Nerf blaster information!

Thanks to KevinEricon for the tip!

Spotted at the Nerf Barricade RV-10!

From the description on the site, its supposedly a motorised semi-auto 10-dart blaster.

More information should be popping up soon. :)


  1. OMG WHAATTT????? wow that is siiick!!!

  2. holy cow
    where is the link how much does it cost

    that thing is the bomb right there

    a little ridiculous design but still awesome

  3. That is totally sick!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to hear more about it! Holy (censored)!!!!

  4. This is the translation from the origional page. It sounds like it shoots whistler darts. It also sounds like it is 34 cm long. Sorry if the translation is not perfect, its a little rough.


    Hasbro Nerf barricade rv-10 semiautomatic soft toy gun, bullet power 10-fire without the need to boost the launch, the original edition of Hasbro.
    [Baby brand]: American boy (treasure) corpoation

    [Applicable age]: 6 years


    This is the new packaging of bulk cargo, looks good.

    NERF toy guns before out most semiautomatic (semi-automatic time before launch, to manually loaded sliding sleeve), the only fully automated the EBF-25-sub-machine gun, very large and very heavy, need to be placed on the ground, for many children is not easy to carry.

    This gun NERF history's first to handheld automatic soft toy gun, bullet whole long 34CM the handheld transmitter, you can carry.

    * The magazine capacity is very good to store 10 rounds.

    * Automatic launch-as long as you pull the trigger will be fired bullets (semi-automatic needs each time before you pull the trigger, to manually loaded sliding sleeve). If you play with a few personal NerF gun fighting game, fully automatic firing can greatly improve the speed of your shooting Oh (launch speed depends entirely on you pull the trigger speed)!

    * Bullet: bullets in the sound during the flight will be issued a whistle.

    * Shooting distance of up to 10 meters.

    3 x batterys

  5. John,

    Yup... i guess translated text needs to be deciphered abit further.

    Seems the seller was somehow slightly confused between the semi-auto and full-auto terms.

    But from the original text, it looks like the seller was trying to describe that it fires in semi-auto.

    Anyways, more details should be popping up soon. :)

  6. I spy a place to put a stock at the back! Do any of you see it? it looks like the back of a recon pistol without the black thing.

  7. I imagine myself dual wielding these with a nerf blast sheild(seen in the video that was removed on here) on both of them. That would be sweeet.

  8. Im thinking it would look good with the front part of the barrel dremeled off...

  9. I found a link for an 18 dart clip at

  10. i just converted the currency and this is what i got

    in fact i almost thought i was dreaming when i saw it

    480.00 yen:= 5.42840 US dollars:)

    $5.50 basically this is amazing!!!!!

  11. Semi-automatic weapons are awesome, but this could easily make the Barricade RV-10 a short range blaster. Prove me wrong Nerf.

  12. Sgt. Nerf,

    The prices on Taobao site are in China YUAN (not Japan YEN).

    1.00 USD = approx. 6.7 CNY

    So CNY$480.00 = approx. USD$70.00

    Make sure you use the correct currency conversions. :)

  13. How much would that be in american dollars?

  14. John,

    As mentioned in my recent comment...

    CNY$480.00 = approx. USD$70.00

    Anyways, that pricing is just what the seller is asking for on the auction site. Its not indicative of the actual retail price.

  15. Thank goodness its not the retail. That scared me for a minute.

  16. o ok hmmmm it just looked like the y w/ the - through it

    ok that sounds way more realistic thanks sg

  17. I'm looking forward to the "electronic" future of Nerf... HvZ, CQB, AEG!

  18. that is so beast. and i found a nerf mace...heres the link!

  19. Great concept. If the range is any good stock, a 10 shot modded semi-auto gun might make my day... but the gun, in my opinion, looks horrid.

  20. Has anyone noticed that this makes 2 new nerf blasters that is fully atuomatic? I really hope that this is the way off the future for nerf.

  21. hopefully this thing does't cost too much because I want to get the stampede too!

  22. Wow cool man!this is sweet man keep expanding ur arsenal,nerf!!

  23. Hey izzit jus me or 9/9/?? gun is a gun featured in the n-strike wii game.lyk for last yr it was raider,I think.this yr is the spartan/stampede.and other dates nerf would release guns that r unheard of.correct me if my hypothesis is wrong.

  24. one word..... epic

  25. the spartan is real look at this youtube video by nzgolem

  26. Look what I found!! Much more info on the nerf stampede!!!

    Article about the new nerf stampede!!


    New pics! It takes 3 aa batterys!

  28. well I've got it XD
    its SEMI-AUTO, not auto, which means you have to pull the trigger to fire it, no cocking necessary. it holds up to 10 darts, but comes with whistler darts. the paint job and design isn't way of the top and the range is pretty descent for a stock blaster. it works, and this may be pretty complicated to under stand but here it goes, when you pull the trigger it lines up the dart to the barrel. secondly a push rod, pushes the dart forward, through two wheels that are spinning in opposite directions (top: anti-clockwise bottom: clockwise). i am thinking of modding it like how mana potions modded the Vulcan. it should work if i use a 9 volt battery. it will be possible because the wheels are spinning as soon as you turn on the switch