Friday, September 11, 2009

Nerf Blast Fire DX500 - Review!

Successor to the Nerf Mad Hornet and the predecessor to the Nerf Hornet AS-6 ...

The Nerf Blast Fire DX500!

The Nerf Blast Fire was launched back in 2001 and its now no longer in production. This classic blaster is still a favorite amongst Nerf enthusiasts for its usability and versatile semi-auto/blast fire modes.

The Blast Fire has a similar firing system as the Nerf Hornet, the blaster is primed by filling its air tank chambers via an on-board pump handle. Its top-sliding hatch is required to be primed before it is pumped to set the semi-auto and blast fire system. It takes just 5-6 pumps to fully prime the blaster.

This is a true semi-auto blaster. Once it is primed, all you need to do is to just keep pulling the trigger and it will fire the foam darts in sequence, no need to re-prime the blaster.

It also has a "blast fire" button on its top. When activated, it'll fire off all the foam darts in one barrage, useful when you need to quickly blast an area with foam darts!

The Blast Fire has an average firing range of 30+ ft and it is compatible with all Nerf foam dart types.

In terms of form factor, it is relatively light and compact, making it quite an effective sidearm for close quarter skirmishes!


Nerf Blast Fire DX500 - Profile

Nerf Blast Fire DX500 - 5 Dart Ammo Capacity

Nerf Blast Fire DX500 - Slide Hatch (To Prime the Semi-Auto & Blast Fire Mode)

Nerf Blast Fire DX500 - Blast Fire Button

Nerf Blast Fire DX500 - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Blast Fire DX500 Test Fire Video:

The classic Nerf Blast Fire continues to be a favorite amongst Nerf enthusiasts... it is compact and light with a choice of semi-auto or blast fire modes, a very versatile blaster to use in Nerf games!


  1. I remember I got this blaster first on the aesthetics alone, it reminded me of the guns they used on the show "Farscape". Now, it's one of my fave blasters.

  2. Yeah, i agree. The design has a very distinctive sci-fi look.

    Its indeed a very effective sidearm for nerf games, having a true semi-auto compact blaster is very useful! :)

  3. Well... i guess new reviews will be posted up as soon as i have new stuff! :)

  4. I think you're missing a link. I have an oldish nerf gun that acts exactly like it. It's called an Air Tech Jet Sqadren that fires uniqe nerf darts called jets. It also has a unique kind of AR. To fire it, you pull a gray slider on the back (it should go forward on its own), pump the "nose cone" 20 times then you either pull the main trigger for semi-auto or push a button on the top for all-at-once. It holds up to 4 jets on its "wings." It was either released in 2002 of 2003.

  5. Yup, the Jet Squadron was one of the "blasters" in the Air Tech range, which was modelled after a fighter jet.

    You're right, it does work similiarly to a Blast Fire too (with one less barrel).

    Had a nephew who had one, though the kid was more interested in holding it up in one hand and pretending to "fly" it around the house while making jet noises. :)

  6. could you make a mod tut for this?

  7. coxa14,

    The Nerf Blast Fire DX500 is no longer in production and its now a classic collectors item. Its worth way more in the future if i keep it in stock mint condition. :)