Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Singapore Nerf Game Event - OP: Guerrilla Warfare - Event Coverage!

Sunday 6th Sept 2009 saw the latest Singapore Nerf Game Event organised amongst the NerfSG community. More than 30 players participated in this event!

Game Scenarios include: Team Elimination, Seek & Recover, Base Defence, Protect The VIP etc.

In-Game Video Coverage!

Thanks to Stucket for organising this Nerf game event! :)


  1. That was awesome! I wish people over here in the States would do something like that! BTW, which gun does the person in the very last seconds of the video have? Looks kind of like a clear or white longshot.

    p.s. I love your blog! Keep up the great work. I've been faithfully dropping by every week for months now. ^_^

  2. Cool... thanks for the feedback!

    Yup, the blaster you spotted at the last few seconds of the video was a customised Longshot by NerfSG forum member "Misfitz", in "snow camo" style paintwork. :)

  3. HEY
    this seems like alot of fun!
    ui would love to participate in such activities
    but i still dun have a longshot haha
    raider! muahahahaha
    i wonder is it alot of work to pick up all the darts again?

  4. We have actually been having these organised Nerf games almost every other weekend since the beginning of the year (The NerfSG Forum was formed in January 2009).

    If you're keen, there are actually alot more of our game video footage posted in the forum too.

    You're welcomed to join us for game sessions, check the Nerf War section on the NerfSG Forum for upcoming game dates and details.

    Picking up the foam darts after every game round is quite fast 'cos everyone helps to retrieve and consolidate them into a central ammo pile. :)

  5. To Reginald:

    Hey man! Nerf is alive and well in the U.S., especially in New Jersey. The east, west, and midwest have groups popping up all over. Here's a vid from California, the groups on the East don't film quite as much though.


    Good fortune in finding a group!

  6. Wow. That looks so fun! I wish there were Nerf contests like that in Canada.

  7. Great filming. I too enjoy NERF and also live in Singapore. When the Spartan (nerf gun) comes out, it would be great if you used it in one of your videos. You should also use a custom blog template to make your blog look more classy. Your blog is great... Thank you for putting reviews for some guns. It completely changes my mind.
    Continue posting!

  8. Thanks for the feedback and comments! :)

  9. Can I ask what 'Waka' (the guy with the Raider in Army of Two, and the last 15 seconds or so of the vid) has around his waist, with those bags? I really would like some in a war.

  10. Genericwizardguy,

    Those pouches and bags that you see players wearing are tactical gear sourced locally from outdoor sports or army supply stores.

    You can check out places like Army Market at Beach Road, or Black Tactical at Bedok (www.black-tactical.com).