Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nerf Wildfire - Review!

Predecessor to the Nerf Rapid Fire 20... the Nerf Wildfire!

The Nerf Wildfire was launched back in 1999 and its now no longer in production. This classic blaster was the first ever fully automatic Nerf blaster on the market! Its introduction ushered in an era of blasters with high ammo capacity and incredible rate-of-fire. A highly popular blaster with many Nerf collectors!

The Wildfire has a similar firing system as the Nerf Rapid Fire 20, the blaster is primed by filling its air tank via an on-board pump handle. It has auto-rotating barrels with 20 dart ammo capacity and requires around 25+ pumps to prime fully. Average range is around 25-30 ft.

There are 2 methods to fire the Wildfire: Burst Fire and Full Auto. To burst fire, quick trigger pulls will fire off 2-3 foam darts per burst. For full auto, hold the trigger down to fire off all 20 darts in under 3 seconds!

Its also comes with a useful air capacity indicator and a handy shoulder strap... along with its signature funky "blazing flame" paintwork!


Nerf Wildfire - Profile

Nerf Wildfire - 20 Dart Ammo Capacity

Nerf Wildfire - Air Capacity Indicator

Nerf Wildfire - Scale Comparison with Rapid Fire 20

Nerf Wildfire Test Fire Video:

As the classic blaster which introduced the era of high RoF blasters, the Wildfire holds a very unique appeal to many Nerf enthusiasts and collectors!


  1. It's a great blaster, but a couple of notes:

    1) The audio on the vid doesn't do the blaster justice, this thing is LOUD and can frighten off would be attackers by virtue of that alone.

    2) Be careful with the pump handle, I don't know if you've seen this happen already but they tend to bend and have snapped off for previous owners.

  2. I agree, compressed air high RoF blasters are pretty loud, especially indoors!

    Yeah, these classic blaster pump handles are the flexible sort... not sure if that was the intended purpose to allow abit of flex, but you're right, have to be careful. :)

  3. So which is better, Rapid Fire 20 or this?

  4. Well, both blasters have similiar mechanisms, but the Rapid Fire 20 is updated (it requires less pumps to prime) and has a single-fire or rapid-fire selector switch. Since RF20s are current models, they are avaliable from stores or online.

    I guess the Wildfire holds it appeal more as a collectors item 'cos it was released 10 years ago and its no longer in production... kinda like a homage to high RoF blasters. :)

  5. For these classic blasters, i source and buy them from overseas nerf collectors. :)

  6. I just found one of these babies NEW IN BOX at a Value Village. Of course, I bought it. It's at least twice as loud as my Magstrike.IT'S HEAVY (compared to other Nerf Guns)

  7. For future videos it would be extremely helpful if you would demonstrate at a more meaningful range. At the one you use its impossible to get a sense of how the gun actually shoots beyond rate of fire. Other than that these are the most professional reviews on the web. Great work!!!

  8. I bought one of these on eBay. Auction claims it is stock. It shoots crazy fast (all 20 in 2-3 seconds), is incredibly air efficient (will shoot all 20, refill with darts, and it will shoot another 15-20 darts, all on one full tank). Liking it so much I bought another one, but it is no where near as efficient as my other one. The firing spring seems weaker and some parts are different colors than my other gun. The only difference I found is that my good gun is a 2000 and the not so good gun is a 1999. Guess they improved it in 2000.

  9. Fast like hell man.totally worth buying