Friday, September 18, 2009

RazorTV News Coverage on Nerf in Singapore!

The Straits Times RazorTV has compiled a comprehensive news coverage of the Nerf Hobby in Singapore. The NerfSG community was also featured in the news coverage too!

Check it out:

Do you have the NERF for this? (NERF - Part 1)

How do you play NERF? (NERF - Part 2)

Hot Favourites vs The Underdogs (NERF - Part 3)

And the winner is... (NERF - Part 4)

Attention all NERF fans! (NERF - Part 5)

How to use a NERF gun (NERF - Part 6)


  1. Man, that's pretty awesome! Congrats on all the exposure, for real.

  2. is the longshot that hard to cock?

  3. Well... in stock version, the Longshot is very easy to prime.

    The Longshot you saw featured in Part 6 of the RazorTV news coverage was actually a highly modified Longshot.

    That particular unit has such a strong spring that it requires a special technique (and good amount of strength) to prime! :)

  4. Hey nerfSG do you have any ideas on how to make nerf a sport in the U.S. every time i try something it always go's wrong. like i tried to make a club... nobody joined, only my friend did

  5. As you are in the States, one of the best ways to find other Nerfers around your area is to seach on the Nerf forums (ie. NerfHaven, NerfHQ, Foam Universe etc) and join existing groups that are already organsing games near your area.

    Another way is to gather the friends you know who are interested in Nerf and organise your own games, then post an invitation for others to join on the various Nerf forums. There might already be other Nerfers around your area who are also looking for fellow players too.

    You could also start a website or blog about your Nerf group, make it informative and make sure you state your location clearly so that other Nerfers can find your group's info on online search engines.

    Most groups start small and grow quickly once more people know about it, the key is to maintain constant exposure and awareness. :)

  6. zzz,, the highly modded ls is dam hard to cock/prime. does air restrictor removal affects the priming/cocking, or spring change or both affect the cocking/priming?

  7. AR removal will not affect the priming effort at all.

    But changing to a stronger spring will increase the effort required to prime it, the amount of effort will depend on the additional spring load.

    If the spring load is too strong, the internal parts may also get over-stressed and break, so additional reinforcements would have to be done too.

    There are many different types of springs and spring combinations to suit different modification requirements, so its a fine art of finding the right balance of power, reliability and usability. :)

  8. Hi I'm in Singapore I would like to join some nerf wars sometimes I already have a maverick but I'm getting a recon-cs6 next month, so can you point me in the right direction of where to find a group that organizes nerf wars?

  9. Krisz,

    You can check out the "Upcoming Games" section at the NerfSG forum:

    All the upcoming Nerf games in Singapore are posted there.