Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nerf Powerclip DX1000 - Review!

Next up, the classic predecessor to the ever popular Nerf Magstrike...

The Nerf Powerclip DX1000!

The Nerf Powerclip was launched back in 1999 and its now no longer in production. This blaster quickly became a hot favorite amongst Nerf enthusiasts and collectors. Imagine... 10 years ago, Nerf players were already utilizing its amazingly high rate-of-fire in Nerf games!

The Powerclip has a similar firing system as the Magstrike, but was designed with a more sci-fi look. In addition, it featured a cool tinted transparent cover which allowed the easy viewing of its internal mechanisms.

Same as the Magstrike, it uses an auto-advancing 10-dart clip which is fired by a repeating air/spring plunger mechanism, powered by compressed air from its air bladder system. The main difference is that the Powerclip's clip is not removable.

Due to the Powerclip having an air bladder compartment situated at the center of its casing, it has a more compact form factor than the Magstrike, this makes it abit easier to transport around and carry during nerf games. But as a slight trade-off, this design could also make the Powerclip abit too front heavy for some users, as it lacks the counter balance of the Magstrike's extended air bladder compartment stock.

Firing range and speed are around the same as a Magstrike, averaging at the 30+ ft range and firing at an awesome rate of 5 rounds per second! And it is compatible with all Nerf foam darts too.


Nerf Powerclip DX1000 - Profile

Nerf Powerclip DX1000 - 10-Dart Auto Advancing Clip

Nerf Powerclip DX1000 - Scale Comparison with Nerf Magstrike

Nerf Powerclip DX1000 Test Fire Video:
(Nerf Magstrike referenced alongside for comparison)

Imho, the Powerclip is a truly incredible feat of blaster design... even more so knowing that it was released 10 years ago! :)


  1. I HAD THIS GUN! It rocked, but now I don't know where it is. =(

  2. Cool... yeah, its a collector's item now! :)

  3. No way! I got this gun free from a mate years and years ago, and never knew what it was or where it came from! I even made the clip removable by unscrewing it partially, yanking out the clip, and sanding down the plastic bits that kept it in place. It took two pumps per dart though, which sucked...

  4. I found this gun for 10 dollars canadian. Is this a good deal?

    1. Anonymous,

      Definitely... if its in good condition, its a great deal on a classic collectable. :)

  5. I just got one of these today for 5 bucks and its actually better than my magatrike cuz my magsrike has a slight air leak and this older blaster has no leaks.

  6. I heard on nerf wiki that the time was 10 darts per second