Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singapore Nerf Tournament 2009 - Event Coverage!

The Nerf Event of the Year is finally here!

Tournament Game Dates & Age Categories:

29th August 2009 (Day 1) : 8-13 yrs old & 14-17 yrs old
30th August 2009 (Day 2) : 8-55 yrs old (Open Category)

This official Nerf Tournament is organised by Hasbro and the event is held at Downtown East D'Marquee, Singapore.

All Tournament players are equipped with the new Nerf Furyfire, along with dart tag vests and protective eyewear. All equipment is supplied by the organiser. Each team comprises of 4 players.

The Tournament runs on a Capture-The-Flag style gameplay with layers of target objectives. Team points are scored by a combination of flag capture, target board hits and player hits.

Tournament players have to hit their designated mid-field target before they can enter into the opponent's area, and then hit the opposing team's zone target before being allowed to capture the flag.

Teams compete against each other to accumulate scores for podium wins and grand prizes!

Event Photo Gallery:

A Few Excerpts of Game Footage (Day 1 & 2):

Team X-Factor Vs. Team Fury Busters
(Open Category)

Team Chowder Vs. Team Maskmen
(Open Category)

Team Pirated Vs. Team Accuracy of Death
(14-17 yrs old Category)

Team Anonymous Vs. Team Holy Smokes
(14-17 yrs old Category)

Big Thanks to Hasbro for organising this official tournament, it was indeed a great event for Nerf Enthusiasts in Singapore! :)


  1. Interesting differences between your experience of the NDTL against what we got here! Is this just a one-location event or are there other events for different areas in Singapore?

  2. Yup, it was a one location main event.

    The entire tournament was held on a weekend at a theme park in Singapore.

    I guess that factors in the differences in tournament setup between a fixed event location versus a roving event (ie. NDTL Dew Tour 2009). :)

  3. Yup, it is an official Nerf Tournament, therefore just like in any sports competition, all players use the same standardized stock equipment (in this case, the new Nerf Furyfires), so that everyone can compete on an even playing field. :)

  4. See, this is why I like indoor CQB wars. Its alot more active and fun then just staying put in an outdoor field and trying to hit someone with your +bow. =D