Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nerf Air Tech 2000 - Review!

Lets look at some classic Nerf blasters that are getting rarer by the day...

First up, the Nerf Air Tech 2000!

This blaster was launched back in 2003 and its quite a rare find nowadays. While it might be viewed by some as having a rather "old-school" design, it seems to be a blaster that still remains popular amongst many nerf collectors and enthusiasts.

The Nerf Air Tech 2000 operates as a compact air tank based blaster. An average of 4-5 pumps is recommended to fill up its air tank before each shot.

The Air Tech model range feature the "Liquitron Power Gauge", containing unknown goo that fills up as air is pumped into the air tank. Yeah, i know... its a very cheesy gimmick. :p

The blaster has 4 barrels grouped in a cluster (aka "turret") and this turret has to be manually turned in order to position a foam dart for firing. Once fired, the blaster has to be pumped up again, turret manually turned, then fired and so on.

This firing procedure results in a rather slow rate-of-fire (RoF), but its main redeeming quality is its excellent firing range. I have test fired it with 4-5 pumps before each shot, and it consistently achieved an average firing range of around 40-45 ft with Tagger foam darts.

More pumps before each shot can yield further firing distances. At 8-9 pumps, i measured foam darts reaching the 55-60 ft range!

In addition, it is compatible with most of the common types of Nerf foam darts too!


Nerf Air Tech 2000 - Box (Front)

Nerf Air Tech 2000 - Box (Back)

Nerf Air Tech 2000 - Profile

Nerf Air Tech 2000 - Liquitron Power Gauge (Empty)

Nerf Air Tech 2000 - Liquitron Power Gauge (Full)

Nerf Air Tech 2000 - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Air Tech 2000 Test Fire Video:

If you are looking for a compact blaster with alot of "punch" and don't mind a slower RoF, the Air Tech 2000 could be the blaster for you! :)


  1. I remember getting one of these in the second grade, back when Nerf guns weren't as popular among my friends! Just as I'm getting back into it, I realize just how OLD this gun is! I'll probably never use it again, because I have a Recon and a Doubleshot now, but it's nice to have an old, retro Nerf gun!

  2. Hey SG Nerf,

    This is really late, but does the Airtech 2000 really reach ranges of 70-80 feet without any modifications?

  3. nerfed2000,

    Well, in stock condition, with alot of pumps, its possible to achieve up to 50+ft with stock Nerf foam darts.

    Use of custom foam darts which have more optimal weight balance can help increase stock range, so 70-80ft ranges are possible... especially when fired at an angle. :)

  4. Can you mod the barrel to make it auto advancing

  5. USNerf,

    I guess it'll be possible, would need some custom modding and work-arounds though.

    Imho, it'll be much easier to just get a Air Tech 3000 or 4000 instead (those models have auto advancing barrels). :)

  6. Would this gun be able to fire some of the newer clip system darts?

  7. j,

    It should be compatible with most of the newer Nerf foam darts.

    Individual dart fit might differ so performance would vary, so its just a matter of testing them out.

    1. I have an unmodified one and Nerf micro-darts are a tight fit, as are Elites, streamlines, whistlers, etc... I found the purple-tipped yellow Buzz Bee darts actually have the best barrel fit.
      I can probably get 40' with 4 pumps (angled shot)

  8. I have one too like from 2nd grade. I didn't know it was this rare. Mine doesn't work and if you know so much about this gun, maybe u can help me fix mine. I used to have it. And it wouldn't shoot so far and it would slowly become worse. Until the airpressure is really low. How can I fix it

  9. forthesakeofnerf,

    Looks like you have an air leak in the blaster. The best way to troubleshoot it is to open the casing, pump it up then submerge it into a tub of water, note where the air bubbles emit from, then patch those gaps with epoxy glue.

  10. It's kinda odd how the box packaging uses the crappy 2003 logo, yet the blaster itself bears the current logo.

  11. dos this blaster have an oprv, and is it safe to pump it until it kicks in, with just a barrel replacement (petg), what ranges would you expect?

    1. wanna-be,

      Like most air tank blasters, the OPRV is within the pump itself, so any excess pressure will be released automatically.

      If the stock pump is used with PETG barrel replacement and customized stefans, i guess 70-80ft should be possible, maybe more.

  12. I had one of these things, but then my bro and i took it apart and it broke xD

  13. SGNerf

    which AT2K i should buy:the blue,or the red version please answer.

    1. Anonymous,

      Get the blue version if you can, it seems to be the more popular version, hence usually more rare.