Saturday, January 3, 2009

Iron Man Stark Industries N.R.F 425 Blaster - Review!

Want to be equipped with the latest from Stark Industries?

With the tech style nature of the latest Iron Man movie, Nerf has recently introduced an Iron Man themed version of the ever popular Nerf Magstrike.

The Iron Man Stark Industries N.R.F 425 Blaster is basically a Nerf Magstrike in Iron Man color scheme. The package also differs in its contents by only including one 10-dart clip (with Nerf micro foam darts), bundled with a 12" x 20" sheet of vinyl wall targets.

For a review of the original Nerf Magstrike (with test fire videos), click Here.


Iron Man Blaster - Box (Front)

Iron Man Blaster - Box (Back)

Iron Man Blaster - Un-Boxed

Iron Man Blaster - With Longshot Scope

Iron Man Blaster - With Recon Red-Dot Targeter & Sight

Iron Man Blaster - Logo (Close-Up)


  1. do you think theres any remaining stock left for this iron man NRF 425 balster? and where it is?

  2. This model was avaliable in stores a few months ago, then became out of stock.

    Recently, Carrefour got additional stock but it was sold out very fast.

    If you want to get this blaster, log into the NerfSG forums and check the trading section, 'cos there are some people selling it over there. :)

  3. AWESOME. I bought one myself. I am going to keep it in the box though because I play with my friend's since he bought it with me. Do you think itll be worth more later? I keep it in the box because I want to keep it as an Iron Man collectible. Iron Man is one of my favorites.

  4. Possibly, in a few years time when its out of production, there might be enthusiasts and collectors looking for this particular nerf model. :)

  5. right now do they still sell it? im really hoping to buy 1.

  6. Nope, so far none have been spotted at local stores for the past few months.

    Once again... if you really want one, check at the NerfSG forums, sometimes there may be members selling 2nd hand units.

  7. do you think its worth buying it now at amazon cos theres a clearance sale right now but wat im worried about is the shipping

  8. Well, here is how it works:

    I assume you're looking at the current USD$9.99 Iron Man blaster deal on (via Target/ITC).

    Do note that there is another USD$7+ for domestic USA postage too.

    Beforehand, you'll need to setup a shipping account with a local 3rd party shipper: vPost, Borderlinx or OneNow.

    Amazon does not ship nerf blasters worldwide, so you need to submit the 3rd party shipper's address as the USA recepient address.

    Then arrange for the 3rd party shipper to ship the items to Singapore.

    USA to Singapore shipping cost for an Iron Man Blaster in a delivery box can be around SGD$40-50+.

    Therefore in all, expect to pay around SGD$70-80 in total.

  9. In addition, do note that if you happen to receive a faulty unit, you can only exchange it if you are willing to pay for the round-trip shipping again! :p

  10. wow thanks i dun really think ill buy it but thnks for ur help

  11. do they sell this in Singapore now?

  12. Nope, still none spotted locally so far.

    If you want one, my advice at the moment is to check at the NerfSG forums, see if there are any forums members looking to sell their units. :)

  13. its kind of funny that, when using any laser/scope attachment, if you fire about 4 shots, it blocks the attachment rendering it useless :)

  14. do they still have them in JB jusco or KL?i really need one and tell me more about the shipping of blasters that can't be shipped to s'pore.

  15. weaponhazard,

    I've not been to KL or JB in months, so i've no idea whats the Nerf stock avaliability over there.

    If you want to know more about how the nerfers in SG order and ship in items from overseas online merchants, check out this thread guide at the NerfSG forum:

  16. Kit's Blog,

    Iron Man Magstrikes should still be available at online stores, check the product link i posted in the review.