Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nerf N-Strike Sonic Series in Singapore!

The Nerf N-Strike Sonic Series blaster range now available at Toys R Us stores in Singapore!

Retail Prices (in $SGD):

Nerf Sonic Series Nite Finder EX-3 : SGD$21.95
Nerf Sonic Series Maverick REV-6 : SGD$26.90
Nerf Sonic Series Recon CS-6 : SGD$59.95
Nerf Sonic Series Deploy CS-6 : SGD$59.95
Nerf Sonic Series Vulcan EBF-25 : SGD$99.90


  1. nice! i can't wait to get those! and i get the honour of first comment!

  2. Hey, I love your site!

    Just a few questions, if you don't mind :)

    I've recently gotten my hands on a Recon, and its pretty awesome, though I don't have the tools required to mod it (pipe cutter, as mentioned in your modworks post). Is there any other (safe) way to get the AR out?

    Is there any truth behind what some people have been saying about pointing the hole of the streamline dart downward when inserting into the clip to increase performance?

    Is there any shop in sg that you know of that sells the aftermarket springs you use in your mods? I've checked a few stores to no avail, and buying it off the net (forums) poses some problems parent-wise. I live in the west, if that helps :)

    Thanks for your time! (maybe you should add a QnA section :P)


  3. I am in the proses of starting a international Nerf network. Information in the U.S and Canada is slow.I find all of my information here. Is an alliance in order?

  4. Check out the new camo Clip System darts:

  5. do u know how to center the logo on ur blog?

  6. Jont,

    You could try using a motorized drill to drill out the AR... or use a long screwdriver with a hammer and knock out the AR. Just be careful not to damage the bolt in the process.

    As for pointing the hole at the tip of the streamline dart downwards when loading them into clips, i've not found any noticeable improvements by doing that, streamlines basically fly so inconsistently anyways that it doesn't make a difference anyways.

    For aftermarket springs, you can check out Black Tactical shop at Funan IT Mall.

  7. Aaron,


    If you'd like to link to my blog site, by all means. You're welcomed to use it as a source of reference.

  8. Nerfkid05,

    Just insert the image into the header of the blog and then center it, or tweak the HTML code for it to fit.

  9. i know basic html coding but not the one what they use for this

  10. Where can i get a nerf vulcan sonic series? i like to buy one of those babies.

  11. Luqman,

    So far, no Sonic Series Vulcans spotted in local stores yet.

  12. Cheack out my website: Its new, so help us get it off the ground

  13. Nerf north amarica will help you ( Nerf Owners)

    I am just starting the blog Nerf N.A. myself

  14. sg nerf, your nerf stuff in sg is soo expensive. it only costs me like $40 for the vulcan (sonic series).

  15. D. Freck,

    Yes, Nerf blasters are usually more expensive in Singapore compared to other countries like the USA or Canada.

  16. sgnerf can i ask u some question??which gun is the strongest in whole nerf gun??can u tell me the few top gun that u experience before

  17. small kid,

    So far, the Nerf Titan has the furthest stock range at around 60ft, but it is a foam missile launcher.

    The rest of the current Nerf blasters all have similiar stock ranges of around 25-35ft.

    Only after they are modded that they produce more power and range.

  18. any idea of where i can get nerf guns in singapore that is like abit more cheaper and more worth to get erm reply me as soon as possible thanks

  19. shyrock,

    The retail prices are standardized at all the dept stores, but stores do have discounts and promos from time to time though, so just shop when those store promotions are on.

  20. How much is the sonic deploy in rm

  21. Nerfplayer,

    Not too sure about the prices in RM$, perhaps you could check with the dept stores in M'sia?