Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update - Longstrike CS-6 Revealed!

Latest update!

All hail fellow nerfer, kevinericon... he has just received his Longstrike CS-6!

Check out one of the photos he posted on the NerfHaven forums:

- Photo property of kevinericon

Link to kevinericon's NerfHaven forum thread, he posted lots more photos and info on the Longstrike:


  1. Shucks, looks to be a reshelled recon.

  2. Reshelled or not, she's a beauty! In my books, slick aesthetics are major points. This has got to be one of the coolest shells I've seen in awhile! Is Nerf making it a point to sell N-Strike stuff in both yellow and that digital camo blue now?

  3. Its already on ebay, and I want it so bad! D:

  4. Look at the size of the main unit! I'm thinking shotgun darts.

  5. my favourite guns are the rapid fire 20 , longstrike , raider, but....... i got none cuz i juz got into nerf this month haha but im not i can buy them too......