Friday, January 8, 2010

Nerf Fast-Load Sleeve in Singapore!

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The Nerf Dart Tag Fast-Load Sleeve is now in Singapore.

Avaliable at most major dept stores.

Retail price @ SGD$19.90.

It is packaged with a forearm velcro sleeve and 20 tagger darts (10 orange & 10 green).


  1. Looks like something you can make on your own, but then it's not made by them and you don't get the darts either.

  2. Can you send me one of those? I have pizza!

  3. Hey SG!

    Did you spot the Vision Gear yet? Word has it they're UV graded! I'll get some pics of my own up eventually, heh.

  4. Not yet, I guess they should be popping up on store shelves soon too. :)

  5. any of you guys live in canada well, ido and it came out 2 days ago!!!! sweet!

  6. you can make your own streamline darts by putting a 1 and a half centemeter peice of crayola crayon into a normal suction dart, just take off the sucktion part.