Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire - Official Demo by Hasbro

Official Hasbro Demo of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire!

Source: Hasbro Website
© 2012 Hasbro. All rights reserved.


  1. great gun. Going to go well with my Modded Phantom Storm ( OA-93 ) cut down

    The Hail fire looks like the PLR-16 with a "Future technology" magazine

    i would like to mod the Hail fire to take the front grip and blue molding off and make it look closer to a PLR-16 and perhaps make the drum rotate automatically. Even if making the rotate automatically would add extra battery weight this would go well with balancing the drum against the handle (i would put battery's in a laser or Optics case on top rail.

    I almost regret getting my two Photon Storms for dual whielding as i could have waited for this (if my mods work out correctly!).. at least its only out in September9th ill get one of my Photon storms in tip top shape till then and test.. My Dream of akimbo high powered flywheel blasters s is going to look good with this option!

    good job Nerf!

  2. what is heavier 2x 18mag or a single 35drum mag

    Because it looks like you could fit 4 drums on this and only be short 4 darts of the 18mag x8 set up and actually it would be less bulky in size too

    Downsides could be how heavy the drums are and that you would have to do 2 priming actions on mag change.

    Could u please work out weight of 18vs35 mag for me :)

    Also because this is flywheel you could put multiple Stefan's in each mag slot to make it fire in "burst" mode!

    1. Unfortunately I think the 35-drums are too large to even fit four in the ammo rack. The "flat" side actually has a rounded part that would probably contact the back of the adjacent drum mag (and this would happen x4) so either it wouldn't fit or the connection would be very strained.

      Looks like 18-clips are your best bet, since they at least give you 144 darts to spray.

      (Also you can fit up to 37 darts in a 35-dart drum, so you wouldn't really be losing any capacity if it were possible.)

  3. 2x 18 drum mag is lighter than single drum mag

  4. This is not about the hail-fire but I would like to tip this site of a new really cool nerf product which I have only seen in Spain. It looks like you have a deal with the other sites because you are posting some things a week after they are released. I personally prefer this site so I would like to help out. If there was another way to contact you that would be nice because it would be nice to keep it a secret.

    1. Madridson2,

      Sure, all info would be welcomed... you can just email me directly at:

  5. Heads up. someone is mucking around with retaliator internals on an Australian nerf forum.
    some better photo's are coming up soon, but he's already removed the AR

    1. Anonymous,

      Thanks for the info, i spotted it posted earlier at the NerfHaven forum too... from what that modder mentioned, it seems the Elite Retaliator popped up for sale at Toys R Us in the States. :)