Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 Nerf Dart Tag - Singapore Launch!

Latest news from Hasbro Singapore!

The new 2011 Nerf Dart Tag blasters and accessories will be launched here in mid-April 2011!

Check out the official product launch poster (all prices listed are in Singapore dollars $SGD):

Official sources have indicated that the 2011 Nerf Dart Tag model range will currently be exclusive to the Singapore and USA markets.

Here are the listed product information by blaster and accessory:

Speedload 6
- Air-powered blaster lets you return fire fast with high-speed reloads of 6 darts!
Price: SGD$26.90

- First fully automatic DART TAG blaster in the collection.
- Launch a powerful stream of up to 20 darts.
Price: SGD$79.90

Sharp Shot
- Lightweight blaster features a carabiner styled clip which can be hooked on belt loops.
Price: SGD$16.90

Quick 16
-Air-powered DART TAG blaster delivers a rapid-fire blast of 16 darts!
- Pump-action handle lets you control the rate of fire!
Price: SGD$46.90

36 Darts
- Refill pack of 36 darts keeps the game going!
Price: SGD$13.90

2-Player Starter Pack
- Featuring 2 SHARP SHOT blasters, two sets of VISION GEAR eyewear, two JERSEYS, and 8 darts.
- NERF DART TAG 2-Player Starter Pack has everything you and your friends will need to get started.
Price: SGD$99.90

Vision Gear
- Put these cool eyewear on, grab your blaster (not included) and start blasting your way to victory!
Price: SGD$9.90

Competition Jersey
- Cool jersey gives you the look of a real DART TAG competitor!
- Available in Orange & Blue and in 2 sizes, S/M & L/XL.
Price: SGD$29.90

Get ready for the latest 2011 Nerf Dart Tag models and accessories arriving at major dept stores in Singapore soon! :)


  1. Good to see they are still using normal dart tag tarts, this means I can still use them in modded guns :)

  2. Quick 16
    -Air-powered DART TAG blaster delivers a rapid-fire blast of 18 darts!

    So it's called the Quick 16, but it can hold 18 darts? =/

  3. burntcustard,

    Oops! Typo there... my bad. I've corrected it.

    Thanks for the heads-up. :)

  4. Sharp Shot on sale at Kohls for $12.99 US.

  5. does this mean they aren't avaliabe in AUS

  6. dandaldaks,

    From the information that i've received so far, apparently not... but i guess you could check with the major dept stores in Australia to find out more details on their upcoming Nerf stock availability.

  7. SG Nerf, would you be able to recommend some Singaporean online retailers that can ship to Australia please? I'm hoping Black Tactical stock up on these dart tag blasters soon, but are there any other good retailers that ship internationally?

  8. Dat,

    Not that i know of, i guess only the smaller independent shops are willing to post items to overseas buyers.

    Maybe also check online auction sites like eBay too.

  9. Im over in the u.s. and recently got all of these except for the sharp shot. they're pretty sweet but the integrated mags are sorta bulky. all in all they're cool though and will hold me over till 9.9.11

  10. also idk why my nickname is yoyoyo homie i dodnt choose that. lol

  11. Boomer23,

    Nerfers in the States have posted in Nerf forums that the 2011 Dart Tag blasters have already started popping up on store shelves in the USA, so just check the stores around your area to find them.

  12. when will you review the new dart tag guns?
    I like to read your reviews before I buy a blaster.

  13. Boomer23,

    I'll review the blasters once i get them, they will be launching in mid-April 2011 in Singapore.

  14. How would you say the swarmfire competes with the vulcan and stampede? (not modded) Is it better?

  15. Boomer23,

    All 3 blasters are designed to fulfill different gameplay roles, so it all depends on what a player is using it for.

    Unless you are playing only Dart Tag games and must specifically use Tagger foam darts, for most other Nerf games the Stampede would still be better, it's clip-fed system offers more ammo capacity (ie. drum magazines) and faster reloading (ie. swap between clips and mags) compared to the Swarmfire, along with a more ergonomic design for fast movement and quick shoulder firing compared to the Vulcan.

  16. will this new dart tag guns come to Indonesia?

  17. Hai, I'm just posting comments. I'm Alif, I just make a blog, may I ask you a question?

  18. Alif,

    From what i've been informed, the 2011 Nerf Dart Tag blasters and accessories are currently only exclusive to the Singapore and USA markets.

    So at this moment, they wouldn't be available in other countries.

  19. Alif,

    Yes, you can ask a question.

  20. so they are not available in france

  21. Not available in australia!?! /rage

  22. SGnerf, do you now if the quick 16 has a Tactiacal rail or something like that?

  23. Richard,

    The Quick 16 does not have a tactical rail. In fact, none of the 2011 Dart Tag blasters have tactical rails either.

    Tactical rails are mainly found on the N-Strike blasters.

  24. a Sportswoman. a Leader. a Learner. a Lady,

    Check at the larger dept stores like Toys R Us, Metro, OG etc.

    You may have to shop around to find them, or maybe just get the store staff to run an inventory check amongst their various branches.