Monday, November 8, 2010

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 in Singapore!

The Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 is now available at Toys R Us stores in Singapore!

Retail price @ SGD$29.90.


  1. just right after the nice of them...

  2. sry did not see the details there.

  3. Is that about as much as a Recon or like a longstrike?

  4. Zack,

    You can see all the Singapore dept store Nerf blaster retail pricings via this link:

  5. hey SG Nerf how much did you bought your Barricades for?i want to know whether its cheaper to buy from overseas than in Sg

  6. Zul,

    Well, when i got my Barricades from overseas suppliers a few months ago, the cost + shipping worked out to around SGD$50+.

    I've even heard of some Nerf enthusiasts who bought their units from auction sites a while back and paid SGD$90-100+ for their Barricades.

    I guess thats the premium price to pay for getting new products earlier than everyone else.

    So yeah... buying from local stores usually work out much cheaper, no need to pay for extra shipping charges. :)

  7. Does anyone know when it's going to be available in US stores? I chatted with someone on the HasbroToy website, and they informed me that it was released on Nov. 1, and can be found at walmart, kmart, target, etc., but I can't find it anywhere!!

  8. What type of darts do barricade use? Do they use all the type? Or a specific bullet? ( without modding it ) tq :)

  9. Unknown,

    Nerf Barricades can use Tagger, Sonic and Micro foam darts... Streamlines may have issues though.

    You can read my review of it in this link:

  10. I am planning to buy a nerf gun. Shall I take the barricade or the recon? please list the advantages and disadvantages.
    Please reply

    1. Anonymous,

      The blaster choice depends on your requirements.

      The Barricade is a compact semi-auto blaster, so it can be fired with just one hand without needing to prime it, but it only has a 10-dart ammo capacity and needs to be manually reloaded after all are fired. It's also a flywheel blaster so there is a constant buzzing noise from the motors (some people may not like the noise).

      The Recon is a spring powered blaster and is clip-fed so it can use all the N-Strike clips and drum magazines, this means that ammo reloads are faster and easier. It comes with more accessories so users can mix and match them to create their own blaster configuration too. Its a manually primed system though, so it requires 2 hands to operate.

      Personally, i prefer spring plunger blasters... not too keen on flywheel blasters. :)

      Just read up on the various blaster reviews to compare their features and choose the ones which match your preferences.