Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire AS-20 in Singapore!

The Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire AS-20 is now avaliable at most major dept stores in Singapore!

Retail price @ SGD$62.90.


  1. Emman Shafiq,

    Best to just call the dept store and check beforehand, the stock distribution of these blasters may take some time to reach all stores.

    When will it be out of stock? My guess is as good as yours.

    If you are keen on one, just keep a watch on the stock availability at your nearest store. :)

  2. where was this picture taken at?

  3. Emman Shafiq,

    The Rapid Fire AS-20s were spotted at Takashimaya.

    They have also been spotted at the various local Toys R Us outlets too.

  4. I had one of these. I returned it though. The handle is made out of cheap plastic and bends really easily. And in a nerf war, you gotta pump your gun quickly. I used this in a nerf war. When I pumped it quickly the pump bent. So I returned it. I wouldn't buy this gun if I were you.

  5. Why is there Spectre REV-5 and Alpha trooper CS-18 at black-tactical? here's the link:
    and, are they really coming?

  6. Emman Shafiq,

    For those models, just check with Black Tactical directly to find out when their stock will be arriving. :)

  7. Does the 20 bullets come with the rapid fire 20? How many pumps for the priming?

  8. TzeChuan,

    The Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20 (RF20) is packaged with 20 foam darts.

    You can check out a review of the RF20 here:

  9. What about dart compatibility? I WANNA BUY ONE!! But I only have streamlines, so which darts can work w/it?? pls respond.

    Oh! And pls give comments on quality of it for those who have it.


  10. benjaminAng4/10,

    Yes, you can also load streamline darts in it too.

    I actually posted a review last year on the previous version of the Rapid Fire 20 (same blaster, just different colour scheme):

  11. errm can SGnerf can u call the tampines toysrus?i dont know the number

  12. Subi San,

    Check the store contact numbers at the Toys R Us Singapore website and call them yourself:

    Next time please do a quick search on the internet, don't be lazy.

  13. Nerf SG, Can I still find this Nerf Rapid fire anywhere in singapore??? If u found the location can u post comment on this blog?

  14. Muhamad Mohan,

    They seem to be sold out everywhere in Singapore now... i guess you could just shop around the various stores to try and find them, might still be able to find a unit or two if you're lucky. :)