Sunday, July 5, 2009

NerfSG @ Toy Carnival 2009

The NerfSG forum community participated as an exhibitor in the Toy Carnival 2009 at Singapore Arts Museum on 5th July 2009, with a full display booth, showcase and dedicated nerf demo game area!

The crowd at the event was excellent, many visitors got to try out blasters, chat about the nerf hobby and observe game scenarios demonstrated by NerfSG forum members.

Credit goes to all the booth OICs, helpers and game demonstrators, you guys did a really great job making the event a big success!

Event Photo Gallery:



  1. Bro I went to the booth to look for Ben about 1pm but no where to be found. If only we can meet up.

  2. Ben? As in mortpengiun?

    Maybe next time just ask for SgNerf, thats me.

    Guess we missed out the opportunity to meet up during this event. No matter, there will always be more events coming up! :)

  3. Guys that's great! Sadly, I can't think of anything like that here in Chicago. Otherwise I'd definitely try to get some of the ChANO attendees up on that.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. Somehow I thought you are Ben. LOL Okay next Nerf event will look for SgNerf there. I did talk to some of the guy there. One of them is Lee I think...